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Film vs Digital Discussions about the relative advantages and disadvantages of Film vs Digital are important as they can help us understand our choices as photographers. Each medium has strengths and weaknesses which can best be used in a given circumstance. While this makes for an interesting and useful discussion, DO NOT attack others who disagree with you. Forum rules are explained in the RFF FAQ linked at the top of each page.

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Help please.
Old 09-30-2016   #1
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Help please.

I was not sure where to post this question but since my question involves both of these mediums, someone out there may be able to help me.
I am a medium formal film user and have the 35mm digital stuff as well. For a while I have wanted to get a digital photo frame viewer, this would obviously allow me to view images that are not printed and or on a wall.
So I went and got two of these items yesterday. Loaded some images after resizing in Adobe Photoshop, first sized them 8x6 then j pegged them and brought the resolution into 800x600 for the 35mm stuff and 600x600 for the medium format ones.
Well the images do not fit the frame and they move within the frame for a short time. I want to see a full image and if it is a square medium format, I also want to see the square image.
Does anyone know of an image displayed that will solve my problems. Boxed up these two and returning them.
Thank you for any advice, help.
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Old 10-01-2016   #2
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Are you saying that the 600x600 one stretches?

I think it would be good to know what size this digital frame takes, and then resize your photos to that. Let's say your frame takes 1920x1080.

800x600 isn't very large at all (these days). For a 35mm photo, resize it by the larger side, eg if a 35mm photo goes to 1920x1100, then crop the height to 1080.

For a square photo, you have 2 choices:
a) Crop it to 1920x1080 (with your judgement on framing)
b) Resize to the height, 1080x1080, then increase width (image > canvas size) to 1920 so that the image centres (there will be space on left and right side, you can choose to make this black or white or any colour of your choice).

Is my explanation a little too confusing? :P
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Old 10-01-2016   #3
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In Photoshop you can make the canvas size to fit the aspect ratio of the display screen, with black background, then have the image inside the canvas.
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Old 10-02-2016   #4
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They move in the frame? isn't that a setting of the frame? Did it come with a manual of some sort? Check that.
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Old 10-02-2016   #5
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The maximum for the frame was 800x600, so that is how I plugged them in, and sized them to fit the picture frame.
I spoke with a Philips tech on the phone and even he read the manual with me and was dumbfounded by it.
I like the idea of placing the image within a black image, a clever idea.
There was no part in the manual that described how to stop the image moving around. Basically I think I chose a poor quality item.
I may take a look in our local Target and see what they have to offer.
Thanks for the help chaps.
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