LTM to M to E-mount, experiences?
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LTM to M to E-mount, experiences?

Next week im getting a a7ii. Now, I have some LTM rangefinder lenses from my Bessa R2-kit. My question is, is it possible to use the LTM lenses with a M-adapter on a M to E-mount adapter? I'd like the M to E-mount adapter since I might upgrade to some native M-mount lenses in the future.

Love to hear if its possible / experiences with it.
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Larry H-L
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Yes, works fine. I use several LTM lenses with M adapters, on an M-FE adapter on an A7s.

Make sure however that you get an M adapter for your particular A7 model.
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I used to shoot to M-E on the Nex7 - worked very well.

You may have some issues in the corners with wider angle lenses - not usually anything that cannot be fixed, but sometimes some color shift and light falloff - as rangefinder lenses are not retrofocus and the angle of the light coming in with wides is steeper.
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I have an A7S and have used a Kipon LTM to M adapter in a Novoflex Leica M to E mount adapter. It works fine with all the LTM lenses I have tried. However, most of my rangefinder lenses show some edge smearing on the A7S, even lenses like the ZM Planar 50/2. I have found that I get better edge performance with SLR lenses with the appropriate adapter. For instance, I've been getting very good results with a Pentax 50/1.7 from an ME Super and a 28/2.8 Nikon Series E lens, both with the inexpensive K&F Concept adapters.
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An ltm - E mount adapter is most likely cheaper than an Ltm-m adapter, so I would do that instead of stacking adapters.
None of the cheaper adapters I've tried had accurate infinity focus though. On the A7 series this is not critical, because you can magnify the view to hit focus. I do like being able to turn the lens to infinity, and have it be accurate.
I shim all my adapters with copper tape, which is easy to do. You can check the accuracy of your shimming in live view with an object far away, like the moon.
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Not on an A7, but on an A6000 I like to use my LTM lenses. They work very well. I prefer stacking adapters though - I use the LTM-M adapter ring on the M-E adapter. I tried an M39-E adapter for awhile but it always oriented the lens "upside down" where the Infinity mark was at the bottom.
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Likewise I haven't experienced any problems with any of my lenses on my A7.
Even wide angles are acceptable.
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35 and wider will act strangely outside the centers. If this bothers you, you can have Kolari replace the thick sensor stack with a thin one. Costs around 400. Then it will shoot RF wides quite well, with those few exceptions which also are not great on the M240.
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I use LTM lenses on A7ii with stacked adapters, and all is well. The LTM/M adapter is E Leitz and, of course, fits perfectly. The M/E adapter is C/V and is also of excellent fit and finish. This not the cheapest route, but I run a three-ring circus of digital E, film M and film LTM, so the cost is distributed.

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