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SLRs - the unRF For those of you who must talk about SLRs, if only to confirm they are not RF.

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And a new camera for 35mm film and digital back
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And a new camera for 35mm film and digital back

And another new camera project:

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We've been here before. Some work, most not and a lot never see the light of day.
Akiva S.


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Sounds cool, I wish them luck and success.
Film for B&W, digital for colour
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There is nothing there of substance on the website. Just the idea.
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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
There is nothing there of substance on the website. Just the idea.
Definitely. In fact, what is there is just a pipe dream.

There is a distinct conflict in what little is there. They state an "m42 lens mount with short flange distance" and that it will support 35mm film (assume FF) and digital FF & APS-c. They then say there working on a reflex version with a possible RF version later.

You can't make a decent 35mm FF reflex with a significantly shorter flange distance than a standard m42. You could shave a few mm of the standard distance with a smaller mirror (and suffer the VF problems), with complex mirror movements (e.g. early Bronicas, ...) or a fixed pellicle mirror (and suffer a dimmer VF and dirt issues).
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I know it sounds like, "I told you so" but this is what I thought would happen.

My impression - only an impression - is that some cameras are going up in price on the second hand market, given their increasing scarcity in decent condition. That can only mean one thing - that people will search out something new. Where there's a will, there's a way. With modern 3D printing, it is not beyond someone's skill to turn out a new film camera.

For all these projects, I wish them the best of luck and commercial success, whether it be new film stocks or new cameras. I'm a bit short myself at the moment, so will stick with my faves: Mamiya 7 II, Contax G2 and Konica Minolta Hexar RF. If one of them breaks, then count me in!

What I don't understand is why some people on the internet are abusing these efforts.

The future looks dire, but try to be positive - it's not all black and white, so don't be so negative.
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Is this a joke?
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Lux Optima
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Best of luck! Would really love seeing some of the new cameras here discussed in the last weeks in the near future.
Cheers, Stefan
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