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Photo Software Discussions of all the photo software - except scanning software which is in the forum with scanners.

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Originally Posted by plummerl View Post
Hi Rob, I thought that Raid was asking about upgrading 5 to 6, not downloading 6. The link I gave above is the one for purchasing an upgrade.
Hi Larry,

Indeed, I didn't see your post when I responded. I then had major issues finding the download, even after purchasing, hence the additional link in case it helps someone.

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Chuck Albertson
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Originally Posted by robbeiflex View Post
There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer,
More than you might think - the following is from a NYT piece on the Meltdown flaw in many Intel and other CPUs (mind you, there's no evidence of this flaw yet being exploited in the wild):

"To take advantage of Meltdown, hackers could rent space on a cloud service, just like any other business customer. Once they were on the service, the flaw would allow them to grab information like passwords from other customers.

That is a major threat to the way cloud-computing systems operate. Cloud services often share machines among many customers — and it is uncommon for, say, a single server to be dedicated to a single customer. Though security tools and protocols are intended to separate customers’ data, the recently discovered chip flaws would allow bad actors to circumvent these protections."
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A bit off topic, but I use CS6 at home and CC at work (because it's paid for by the company).

Photoshop CS6 loads and is ready to go in 4 seconds.

Photoshop CC loads in 30 seconds and won't load in the background so I have to sit watching it load.

CS6 'new' menu opens instantly.

CC 'new' menu loads in about 6 seconds to show me some childish templates I didn't want or need. It's faster for me to type "1920x1080" than to wait for a menu to load and click a template.

I've seen zero improvements with CC, only slowing down. The new features they add are gimmicks and useless for most actual work. I would never get the subscription version at home, not a chance. I'll want to be using these programs for decades to come, I ain't paying £50 per month for 30 odd years.

Having said that, Illustrator CC is a bit improved actually. More intuitive guides system. But Photoshop is an unwieldy mess.

Rant over, sorry :P
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LR Classic CC is at least twice as fact using OS X 12.12.6. More importantly this is the first time I can conduct long rendering sessions with out having to quit and reopen LR (desktop or CC) to speed things up.
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Kostya Fedot
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On my computer x64 LR4.4 loads fast and works fast. Version 6 of LR was just not usable on same computer.
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