Lower cost Flatbed Recomendations
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Lower cost Flatbed Recomendations

We've uncovered a lot of old stuff (papers) that we want to digitize and I know just about any flatbed will do fine. BUT, I'm wondering about scanning MF/LF negatives, perhaps 35mm too.

Anything out there you would recommend or equally important NOT recommend from firsthand experience. I've got window, mac, or linux as desktops so please share your thoughts.


B2 (;->
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Kostya Fedot
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Are you looking for unicorn?

If not, here is v550 is 160USD new from BH. And you don't need to pay extra money for scanning software, it comes with it. It is best scanning software in industry.
I did 4x5 negs with it, but as two parts, with stitching done in PS elements.
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I've got an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo scanner I have been using for about 15 years. It has negative holders for 35mm to 4x5. Works fine with my old XP desktop of about the same age. Getting the right drivers for newer operating systems could be an issue, though.
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I'm using Epson 4990, price around 99-199€ on evilBay, included film holders.
Scan area from 35mm til 8x10".

Operating system compatibility: Linux, Windows Me - Windows 10 and also works flawlessly on Mac, with USB 2.0 interfaces.

Free drivers download from the Epson Website
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Steve M.
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Another vote for the Epson 2450 scanner. The 120 and 4x5 files from it are large and have lots of detail. Great scanner and dirt cheap. I used mine w/o the neg carriers and taped the negs to the glass for even sharpener results, so even 35mm looked good. You will probably need Win XP or earlier though for the software, although I may have used one w/ Win 7 Pro somewhere in the dim past.

Sample: https://i.imgur.com/hw6mhHc.jpg
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Vuescan will let many older scanners work with newer operating systems.

Check Saver's, Salvation Army and places like that too. They seem to regularly have scanners. I picked up an older Epson v500 for $5 last summer. It needed a power adapter which I bought for $15 on Amazon. Works fine for negatives. Just look for USB and scanners that have photo capabilities.

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I do not recommend flatbeds for 35mm - too much hassle.
For digitizing a LOT of 35mm get yourself a Pakon and sell it afterwards for the same price.
For 120 Film digitizing with a camera is faster than scanning with a flatbed but you miss out on D-ICE.
So depending on the condition of the negatives a flatbed like the Epson V550 (similiar to V600) might be a good bet (used it and liked it for MF!)
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V500 and V600 here. These will produce good prints at 6x the linear dimension of the film.

So, it's just a little stretch for making 8x10 from 35mm.

But, makes a nice 12x18" print from 6x9cm negative. Measured resolution actually achieved is 1350 in one direction, 1800ppi in the other. YMMV.

My take: Pretty good for MF film. But, nowdays camera-scan is a very viable alternative.
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