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SLRs - the unRF For those of you who must talk about SLRs, if only to confirm they are not RF.

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OM2n Light Leak?
Old 04-25-2018   #1
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OM2n Light Leak?

Does anyone have any theories for these presumable light leaks?

Light leak by illformation, on Flickr

It is bulk loaded (by me) HP5 shot in my until recently no-worries Om2n

So I ma not certain if it's the film can or camera. the regularity of the leak suggests camera to me.

If it's the camera, can i fix this myself?

I will of course, load some more film and test it out, but just I processed and scanned these yesterday.

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Old 04-25-2018   #2
Family Snaps
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Since it is on the perfs, it is coming from the back of the camera, upper side. Does the camera have any deteriorated light seal on the upper side? Run a strip of black tape across the top of the door and shoot a roll.
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Old 04-25-2018   #3
Pan Giannakis
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I usually buy self adhesive black felt from any arts and crafts shop, usually a A4 sheet for a pound. I remove the old seals and replace them with that. Works well. My OM2 had the same issue.

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Old 04-26-2018   #4
David Hughes
David Hughes
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Or scrounge an old empty cassette from a lab and use its light seals again when cut to size. It worked once for me when I was away from home and had that problem...

Regards, David
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Old 04-26-2018   #5
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You might find this useful (I did):
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Old 04-26-2018   #6
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts.
The seals are pretty degraded, but have been for some time and it hasn't been a problem.
I'll check with and without tape.
I'll try find some self adhesive felt or order a kit if that doesn't work.
Will have to check the prism issue a.t the same time.

I appreciate the help,

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Old 04-26-2018   #7
PF McFarland
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Try Jon Goodman at [email protected] for a nice seal kit, Andrew. Complete instruction are included (and usually a little extra material).

Waiting for the light
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Old 04-26-2018   #8
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Thanks PF,

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Old 06-21-2018   #9
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Thanks for all info here. I have just bought an OM-4 and seals look damaged too. So I might do those tricks mentioned to be safe.
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Old 06-22-2018   #10
Capt. Apparatus
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I've always liked the kits from Aki Ashi myself. http://aki-asahi.com/store/html/OM/light-seal/index.php
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