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SLRs - the unRF For those of you who must talk about SLRs, if only to confirm they are not RF.

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Pentax 6x7 to test in Munich
Old 04-22-2018   #1
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Smile Pentax 6x7 to test in Munich

Dear RFs,

I'm happy with my Fuji GW690III I found over the forums a few years ago. But I would really love to shoot in the 6x7 format. Growing up with SLRs I still struggle sometimes to achive focus with the Fuji. Moving or out-of-center-subjects are particularly difficult.

As the Makina 67 is ridiculously expensive (and serviceability is quite unpredictable) that leaves me to the Pentax 6x7.

Is there anyone here from Munich who likes to show me his camera so I can get a feeling what focussing with the prism might be like for me? (maybe with the 105mm/75mm)

That would be great!


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Old 04-22-2018   #2
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I'm not from Munich, but I have a Pentax 6x7. Mine has the penta prism with meter I also have the waist level finder. Both finders are very easy to focus with. The 105mm is f2.4 so it really snaps into focus. I also have a 55mm which is a slower lens and a wide angle so just like an SLR it is a little harder to focus, but it does have depth of field going for it. My 200mm is an f 4. So it is a little darker but focuses nicely.

The quality of the images is hard to beat. The only downside is the size and weight. It does keep me from taking to some location. All of my lenses handle color very well, and I'm not afraid to shoot it handheld (not the 200mm). This is the 55mm handheld:

Ektar 100 Pentax 6x7 by John Carter, on Flickr
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Old 04-22-2018   #3
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This may be totally irrelevant , but I believe that in Germany you have access to many
rather inexpensive Pentacon 6 TL cameras , that I'm finding a great alternative ( based on finding one in as good a shape as mine was ). Lots of good glass and accessories . Just a thought ! Peter
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Old 04-22-2018   #4
Big Ursus
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I'm not in Munich either, and I don't have my big Pentax any more, but I remember I was very happy using it with the prism. No issues at all!
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Old 04-23-2018   #5
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The Pentacon is not on the same page as the Pentax 6x7.
The Pentax 6x7 choice of Fashion photographers, shooting on West Coast of US., using Film.
A clear bright lovely screen, easy to focus even the 55 mm and 75 mm.
Depth of field "tolerance" is a myth. Sorry.
Color is beautiful, the lenses more than match Hassies Zeiss lenses.
Film runs in straight line as does Mamiya 6x7.
You need to start a body building program now, in anticipation.
Yup! It is heavy.
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Old 04-24-2018   #6
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Thank you all for your replies!

The Pentacon unfortunately is 6x6 and square is not my thing.

Good to hear that focussing doesn't seem to be a problem.

If anyone in my area wanna meet for a coffee, I would be happy.

Thanks alot!

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Old 04-24-2018   #7
giulio stucchi
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I can only suggest to keep an eye on the usual suspects second hand shop, you might have a chance at least to old and check one out. I remember Munich to be a very good market for used cameras. Is the French repair guy still running the shop in Schwanthalerstr? Try there. Well I left Munich 6 years ago so I'm not sure what's the offer on cameras right now. Viel Glück! Giulio
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Old 04-24-2018   #8
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That shop is called "Foto Wiener".
By the way, the guys from Aphog will have a Munich meeting on may 5th.
I can post your request on aphog, maybe one of the guys can bring along his Pentax.
Cheers, Stefan
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Old 04-29-2018   #9
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Thanks for your replies. I checked Monsieur Wiener out, but he just shook his head and smilied his unique french smile.

@zwicko: Thanks for your nice offer! I don't know if I am available at the 5th. But can you give me a link to the thread? (I couldn't find anything on the aphog-forums...)

Thanks again.


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