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Half Frames / Subminiatures This forum is for all half frame 35mm cameras, including the very popular Olympus Pens and their SLR cousins, the Pen F and Pen FT, as well as all smaller than half frame subminiature film cameras.

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Any premium Half Frame camera with full or AE Automatic?
Old 04-14-2017   #1
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Any premium Half Frame camera with full or AE Automatic?

Hello Photographers,
after using several Olympus Pen F and Pen D models I would like to go a bit more automatic and would like to know your opinion and suggestions for a camera that features a AE or full automatic.

my main concerns:

1. AE or full automatic
2. Good, uncluttered, colour neutral viewfinder.
(The one of the Pen W/D models is very good.)
3. AF/motor drive would be nice, but not necessary
4. common batteries

Is there any beside the Olympus Pen and Canon Demi models I have missed? Half frame was very popular in the 60's and I am sure that anyone must have build one after their popular age.

Regards TK
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Old 04-14-2017   #2
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Yashica Samurai. My Samurai Z at least is AE/AF, motor drive, and with lots of interesting capabilities (multi-exposure, timer up to 24hrs, etc.). Landscape format, unusual for half-frame. It's an SLR, 25-75 zoom lens. It's not a small camera, and not terribly common either, but it fits your want list.
Any man who can see what he wants to get on film will usually find some way to get it;
and a man who thinks his equipment is going to see for him is not going to get much of anything.

-Hunter S. Thompson
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Old 04-14-2017   #3
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@02's comment,
And here I was about to tell the guy there was no such beast. Completely forgot Yashica's contribution to 35mm half frame cameras. A half frame shooter from 1970, by the time those came out I was fully sold on Olympus and their Pen F system and manual (not EE, yuck!) viewfinder cameras. I do remember thinking at the time, 'bit large for such a small neg', although users seem to like them a lot.
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Old 04-14-2017   #4
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Just remembered the Konica AA, a small viewfinder half frame camera, also in the landscape orientation. Auto I think but cannot remember the specifications, not a lot were sold as far as I recall.
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Old 04-14-2017   #5
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I should have Samurai somewhere and I still use Konica AA. Both are FAR from being "premium" cameras.

I use them for this kind of stuff:


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Old 04-14-2017   #6
Oren Grad
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Konica FT-1 Pro Half. Good luck finding one. Konica also made very limited runs of half-frame Hexar AF and RF cameras. Good luck affording one!

Re full auto, don't forget the Pen E series:


May be difficult to find one in good working order, though.

EDIT: Of course, there's also the original Konica Auto-Reflex, which has shutter-priority AE. I had one for a while, found it big, heavy, loud, uncomfortable to hold, generally way too klunky to be any fun for half frame. YMMV.
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Old 04-17-2017   #7
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I have a Ricoh Auto Half, and it seems to fit this bill except for the auto-focus. It is focus free, which isn't quite auto focus, but you don't have to worry about it being out of focus except for close-ups.

Oh, the Canon Dial 35 almost fits your bill too. It's auto-advance, but uses a CdS light sensor with a 625 Wein cell, which isn't available at every corner battery store. They're available on eBay, though. However, the Dial 35 does have a very nice viewfinder, and the pictures it takes are quite clear, with a bias for great depth of field, so no bokeh with this camera, or the Ricoh either.

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