From Epson 9880 to P600?
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Nathan King
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From Epson 9880 to P600?

In the past I had access to an Epson 9880 to make my prints. That has changed, and I now need to purchase an inkjet printer. Because I don't have much space and don't print my fine art work very large I'm looking at the Epson P600. Will there be a noticeable difference in monochrome and color print quality making the switch from the 9880?
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I would expect the P600 to have a blacker black, and from what I have heard the new inkset is improved, but of course differences only get amplified the bigger you print.

Hard to say if you are printing small if you will notice that big a difference, but the newer inkset on the P600 is improved.

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Oren Grad
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My 3880 died recently and I replaced it with a P800. My monochrome prints on matte paper with the new inkset are indeed noticeably richer in the dark tones; I don't see much difference in prints on glossy paper. So far I haven't done much color with it, though. Also, Aardenburg Imaging's initial test results from prints made with the new inkset in a P600 suggest that Epson's claims about increased image stability are mostly valid. In all, I'd consider the new P-series printers a modest but welcome step forward.

The P800 isn't much bigger than the P600, and at various times with Epson's different rebates it hasn't been that much more expensive to buy, so it's worth taking a close look at the technical and cost tradeoffs between the P600 and P800 before making a decision.
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robert blu
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I recently bought a P600 (my HP9180B died at age 12!) and I can only say I'm very satisfied from the print quality both B&W and color. But I only print relatively small on matt paper.
If you think to make many prints as already suggested the P800 in the medium long term will be more convenient because of lower cost of the ink (in larger cartridges) and this will compensate the higher purchasing cost. Size is not much bigger.
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Nathan King
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I can expect an improvement!? I was thinking I was going to take a hit in quality. This is a no-brainer then.
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