X-E1 Short Battery Life
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X-E1 Short Battery Life

I got a new X-E1 with 18-55 kit lens ($765), I have tried it at my short vacation at Seoul for 3 days, I shoot about 150 photos (really not much) and the battery is fully used up. Is it too short for the battery life?

Moreover, I found it either the LCD or EVF shall be on when the camera is on, can I turn the LCD off and the EVF only on when I move my eye to the viewfinder ?

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Yes, the batteries don't last very long. I suggest you buy a spare to carry.

I'm not sure about the LCD and EVF being disabled, it may be one or the other like you found.
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i have 2 bodies and a total of 6 batteries…battery life is short…i never leave without at last one extra battery in my poacket but mostly use a camera bag and take the 4 extras along always.
there are certain settings that help…i never review my images, don't use the fast start up…but then i don't use the early shut off but keep the camera on all the time i am using it.
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Seriously don't know anyone getting the 350 shots Fuji quote. I have everything switched off on my X-T1 and reckon I get 120-150 at most. I've found the Ex-Pro batteries on Amazon to be a bit better than the Fuji's but not by much. At least they're cheap so you can fill your pocket with them.
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If AF set to continuous, the X-E1 will use a lot of juice. Under most circumstances single shot AF will do just fine - but like already stated, get some extra batteries...

And a few tips and tricks.
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As a general rule, battery life will improve after a while. There are a couple of reasons, even if you discount that you're menu-surfing a lot at first with a new toy.. There's an internal battery in there that keeps date/time etc for a month or so when changing/charging batteries. Clean out of the box, that internal battery isn't topped off, so will eat power away from the first charged battery that's inserted. Then, only after a couple of charge/discharge cycles, the rechargeable battery lifetime will improve to its full capacity. Of course, these effects will not double the number of shots you can take, but they can definitely make an up to 20% difference.
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Thanks for the explanation. I have seen this happen and always wondered why..

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I have spare batteries for all my digital cameras (including three Fuji's). It doesn't bother me having to change batteries after 150 shots or so as most of my life I had to change film after 35 shots or less. For my X-E1 I chose a half case with easy access to the battery door which makes life easier.
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