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PF McFarland
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Originally Posted by mightbenow View Post
Whenever I've bought anything off ebay it's been from a US seller. If I were to buy say a Leica lens from one of these japanese ebayers, how does import and all that work? Do I have to pay customs fees or anything? e.g. Lens I buy is around $3,000 USD shipping from Japan to Washington DC.

As long as the seller uses the EMS mail system, you should have no problem with duties. It's when they use a carrier like DHL that issues arise with duties and fees. That outfit is one step away from being a pirate organization.

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Just make sure the shipper uses the correct harmonized code. Freight companies often charge brokerage fees; if this is a problem for you, have the shipper use the post.
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burn the box
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I did notice the same drift apart between description and photographs of Japanese sellers on Ebay. Sometimes unfortunately, they are just the only option for certain items. Years back I had zero problems. I recently bought an older 50mm Nikkor pancake lens and while optics are fine, the focus ring was quite loose. Their descriptions are often abysmal and especially the word "mint" seems to translate in Japanese Ebay seller dictionaries to "barely working" now. What a pity. My favourite sentence is: "no problem in the shooting". Yes, please.
Trying seller Fuji-San-ya now with a "Mint in Box" description. The item did not arrive yet. Don't tell me it is a bad one
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Just to continue this theme, about 1 month ago I ordered from a Japanese ebay seller a Nikon S2 rangefinder with 50mm f2 lens. The description said body with minor scuffs and the lens had a 'little dust'. The photos seemed to agree with the description so I ordered.

What arrived earlier today was a Nikon S2 rangefinder with 50mm f2 lens, however it was a different camera and lens. The camera and lens serial numbers were not the same as the ebay photos, the body had a nasty ding on the bottom corner, the lens was full of haze, fungus, dust and many scratches. Plus the seller photos showed an included case and filter which were missing. Maybe the seller just sent the wrong camera to me!

I have requested a return and full refund and am just waiting for the sellers response. I suspect that perhaps the photos were a generic set and the seller just sent any camera and lens of the same type.

This is the second problem I've had recently with sellers from Japan, so maybe this will be my last. Recent purchases from Germany have been great, prices may be a little higher but the items I have received have matched or bettered the descriptions and most give a 3-6 month warranty.

Now a miserable Easter without a new camera to play with!!
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RObert Budding
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I'm careful to inspect photos of everything that I buy on eBay. My most recent purchase from Japan was for a NOS 50mm lens for my Mamiya 7. It was as described, but the seller didn't send the lens hood that had been shown in the photos. Several emails yielded no response, so I requested a return. Then they replied, and refunded enough to cover the cost of the hood that I had purchased from KEH.
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ebay blues

So many sad stories…
My heart breaks
ebay can be so mean!
ebay can be so cruel

There comes a time
when a man needs to think deeply,
Smell his own cologne
Take counsel of his own thoughts

Ask the questions that only,
His closest friends would ask
“Friend” “what the ****?”
That’s when one knows what

Weather, or is it whether (I get confused)
Digita, film, futuristic mumbo jumbo
3D, or just that 3D like pop!
What is life, the life of a photographer

Anyway, just remember
ebay = bad
Now go forward and live
Or, drop dead!

The, way of the world
My glass is not half empty, it's just in need of a refill.
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Actually Mike I think ebay is great. I've just had problems with Japanese sellers and you can perform the same search for a Mamiya 6 to see what I mean. I'm batting about .500 with them - recently had to return a Perfect Condition/Like New Pentax 28 3.5 because it had damage to the rear lens element.
I did get a beautiful Fuji TX-2 but that was a couple of years ago, and that was tempered by having to return 2 Fuji GW690s as they definitely were not as described, or what was shown. Ended up buying that locally.

I've bought awesome stuff off ebay and still highly recommend it. But it seems when I base my purchases from the US or EU I have much much better luck.
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