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RFF Imagery Promo This forum is to discuss ideas on how to better promote Photographic Imagery at RFF.

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An approach to Gallery Organization and some other ideas
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An approach to Gallery Organization and some other ideas

How about we split the virtual pie up into four segments, Hardware, Jenras, Learning and Experience and Salons, hereís why I think this organization will work well.

I think itís important we give structure to this much like you would a knowledge or data base. Without it Iím not convinced you will be able to find what you are looking for across hundreds of cultures and other languages.

In my model there are just four major categories that we would use for access, storage and guiding people to what they are looking for. I think that Jenras and Salons would have more of a landing potential than HW or Learning/Experience but one never knows. Keep in mind that a picture is stored once in the gallery and could be indexed or listed in many different ways.

Under Hardware you would capture specific information to help putting it into subcategories like specific cameras, lenses, aperture, lighting, film. This would view would give the gear heads a place to post lens and film tests. That group would come up with a written approach that anyone could use to submit a test of a lens. Creating a virtual community of lens testers that could be really valuable.

Learning/Experience would be an area for classes, clubs, scouts, etc. to land in to focus on a specific assignments or examples of how other people solved the problem. Should we add the ability to store a PDF file along with a picture? What about doing it alone? Limit the size so it does not bog down or eat up too much of the world.

Jenras would be more of a melting pot. I would see PAWs here, perhaps photo blogs even? Lot of the categories from some of the previous posts would be here (e.g. red, purple, vacations, liquor ad).

Salons would be focused on shows for individuals, juried and non-juried contests. We should reach out to the artistic community to see if we can create a virtual juried show that holds some credence in their space. I know that some larger art shows only let you exhibit after you are in several smaller juried shows. Perhaps we can join the feeder system for that.

I think there needs to be a function where members of RFF could request categories and entries be added for assignments, contest, group outings, etc. I think we need to have four or eight moderators types set up who mange the organization and coordinate views. They would have rules of engagement like the text moderators do. Initially they would have weekly meeting, but eventually these would change to monthly meetings to look at the organization and review approaches and set standards.

I strongly want to find a way to tag photos or groups that would include what could be called sensitive material (read stuff that would get us banned by companies or nanny-like watchers. Perhaps you need to sign up for a membership to gain access to those galleries and then have a viewing option (show it to me now, prompt me I might be going somewhere I may not want to, or I do not never ever want to see this stuff (kids, priests, nuns, etc)). We can have a way that profiles can be created by parents, guardians, counselors for those under 18. We would have to limit email and such or perhaps copy the email to the person signing them up. This one gets tricky here but I know we could do the right thing to protect ourselves and the members.

How is that for an approach?

B2 (;->
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I read Stephen’s directions like Kim. We can make changes in the way we work with stuff, the way it’s organized, some of how it is used, but without spending money. So to me, that translates into no excessive hard drive space (large pictures are not saved here), no new software (we can reconfigure, add some stuff around the edges, but the core is the core) nothing to bring down or slow down the sites (RFF, DSFRx and daGallery).

We need to focus on design and process understanding the limitations we have. We present the ideas for his review, then the community. We should present some ideas that will break the rule (above) if we (as a group) feel they will provide sufficient value to Stephen.

I think we should have a few streams going here. One on organization of the categories and the site, the second on the goals and processes we will put into place and the third on building a process for salons, contests and such that is world class.

Kim, Memphis, anyone, your thoughts?

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back alley
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valid points sitemistic.

i think at this point the main thrust is to generate as many ideas as possible, then we will work on choosing the best few that will have the most impact.

the site itself may be a limiting factor but only time will tell for sure.

personally, i like the idea of branching out but i am also realistic. we have grown in this 'gear' direction for a reason and it may take some attitude changes on the part of the greater membership for change to happen.

but it's all good and kinda exciting to part of a change.

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