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Turn your film camera into a digital camera with a bulky attachment.
Old 10-13-2018   #1
rangefinder user and fancier
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Turn your film camera into a digital camera with a bulky attachment.

Interesting concept, but that tiny GoPro digital sensor is not exactly high quality for still photography.

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I think the "Note for Professional Photographers" on their website pretty much sums it up.

“I’m Back was created with the intention of reusing the old analog in a digital way, but maintaining a “retro” aspect in the photos thanks to the focusing screen. It is not intended to have the quality of a digital camera of last generation, therefore, it is not an accessory to be at par with a digital or even an analog. I’m back gives a unique result in its genre. In similar solutions, like “Pinhole”, “Lomography”, it gives photos with the use of a “Scanner” and other art form, yes, the art of photography is after all an art form and not something to be judged by the quantity of pixels or any less.

I’m Back was designed not only for professional photographers, but for ordinary people who are passionate about photography and for technology from old cameras, for anyone who wants to have fun like they used to, even when the photo was not good and it was a source of anger and also a laugh. Good times!”
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rangefinder user and fancier
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It would not be too bad of an idea if the attachment was less bulky and had a somewhat usable sensor, more inline with what was used in a 7 year old spec FF camera .
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Snark Alert!
The sensor is not the problem. The problem is trying to photograph a focusing screen with a small digital camera and expecting something useful to come from it. If your 35mm SLR has interchangeable screens install a all matte screen and photograph through the eyepiece with an smartphone. Results won't be much worse and it will cost a lot less than $300.
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Old 10-13-2018   #5
Ian M.
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I feel like I've seen this before on here...

I'm less cynical about the concept than the implementation. I enjoy occasionally shooting with toy/disposable/etc cameras, even digital--I came across a Kodak DCS 330 buried in my university's film department and had a blast with it.

But projecting onto a matte screen? I don't understand. It's absurd, and just making a perfectly good 35mm camera into something crappy. The beauty of Holgas, pinholes, and the like is that their inherently simple, and this is not. I really wish the lo-fi and Lomography crowd would stop perpetuating the idea that film and old cameras themselves are low quality.

Time to be a bit cynical: I don't doubt this will sell quickly at first and then die off; I have a feeling the type of people that might buy this are the same type driving up the prices of vintage lenses for mirrorless, and will be very, very disappointed.

Aside from that, I appreciate the images of it being used with a Nikon S2, and the vintage FP4 cassette. Not gonna lie, I kind of want one for curiosity's sake, but that price buys a lot of film. I see one of the backer comments likens it to the old Polaroid backs, but the images look unusable for that purpose.

In other news, does anyone else remember Siliconfilm? did that ever materialize?
Ian M., Seattle
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I'm thinking about designing a film back to fit digital cameras.
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Out to Lunch
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I'll consider buying it when it has matured and is produced by a known brand that gives me a warranty and other consumer protection.
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Old 10-14-2018   #8
eXpect me
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Well, the DMR for the R8/9 was usable but is rare, expensive at as far as I know it is no longer servicesble. Other than that, chapeau LEICA!
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Steve M.
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I congratulate him on his ingenuity. But............

it is what it is. Or rather, it ain't what it should be. The validity of turning a classic Leica's excellent film image quality into low quality digital files escapes me.
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somewhat colored
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Devices like this are objectively a complete waste of time and money. But ... "What price Art?" ... There's a passion and a joy of creating wacky things that can sometimes produce fun photographs, so why not? As long as you know what you're getting into, there's no downside and no potential harm done.

They're fun things to play with and occasionally can produce some interesting results. I had a similar venture based on a Hasselblad 500CM body ... called the HasselNuts, it allows one to make photographs on an iPhone 4 or 5 using a combination of the iPhone's digital camera and the Hasselblad's lens and imaging system. While it ultimately was just a bit too much of a toy to keep me amused, I gave it to a friend who's had a wonderful time creating some interesting photo books with it and its unique imaging look.

I've got another one coming, currently in development: the Instant Magny 35 on Kickstarter. This one will let me play with my Leica M4-2 and output Instax SQ prints, which I think is actually a more reasonable camera toy to play with than converting the same camera to digital output. I look forward to seeing how it works.

And give applause to these guys and their digital back wackiness too. If anything, it should prove a fun toy for some.

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