Fuji xf 16mm 1.4
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Fuji xf 16mm 1.4

I am considering the XF 16mm, looks like an amazing lens, I would like to know what those of you that are using think and feel about this lens. While on sale, it's still really expensive (for me).. I have the 14mm and am considering selling it to finance, at least partially, the 16mm.

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i had the 14 first but sold it and got the 16...both great lenses but the 16 focusses closer and is easier (for me) to use as an everyday lens than is the 14.
i doubt that i will ever sell the 16...
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I have never used the Fuji 14mm f/2.8 lens but have used an adapted Nikon 14mm f/2.8 on my Fuji X body.

When I purchased the 16mm f/1.4 Fuji lens, I never missed the two extra millimeters in focal length. I did, however, really appreciate the two extra f/stops of light gathering.

Fuji 16mm f/1.4 by Narsuitus, on Flickr
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The 14mm XF lens is great. It handles flare and ghosting quite well compared to other lenses with similar fields of view I've owned over the years.

It's rendering is similar to the other Fujifilm X-Series primes. I happen to like the XF primes' rendering.

This is one of Fujifilm's push=pull lenses which means you slide the lens collar back and forth to engage manual focusing. There is a DOF/distance scale engraved on the lens barrel when you slide the collar to manual focus mode. I like this feature... but how the manual push-pull system interacts with the camera confuses some people.
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I also moved from the 14 to the 16. For my type of photography, the 16 was a more suitable focal length and a focal length I was very familiar with from my Nikon days.

It's a very impressive lens. Picks up focus on near anything in any light. For me, gorgeous IQ. It's a lens that brings a smile to my face when I see the files. Appears very resistant to flare as I use a very short (~3/4" long hood) and don't see flare or compromised contrast in spite of the fact I'm in sunny South Florida and used it in the Alps a few months ago.

The downside is its big and heavy for me. As a result, I pair it with the 18 for times I want a more discreet or "handier" carry.
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I own both the 16 and 14 and find reasons for keeping both as they have such different strengths and weaknesses.
The 16 is excellent with its minimum close focus. That really distinguishes it for me. On the other hand I find it larger by enough of a margin that I often reach for the 14, which feels "just right" on both the X-pro 1 and X-E2 and the other downside of the 16 for me is that it is a terrible performer for Infra-Red.

The 14 is pretty much the opposite. Poor (well, normal ) close focus and nothing to write home about in the bokeh dept. But it is fantastic for infra-red at any aperture all the way to F11 and very good at even F16. On my copies the 14 has a bit looser f-stop ring.

No ... both have a place. No wonder I'm broke.
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