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Repair / Camera Care This is a good place to discuss the care and repair of your photo gear. You can share Do-It-Yourself repair and maintenance, as well as your recommendations for pro repairs. This new forum was created 4/1/07. PLEASE title your thread wisely, so others searching for a certain make of camera or repair person can find your thread easily!

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Best Lens repair/CLA service
Old 03-21-2014   #1
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Best Lens repair/CLA service

Have several Leica lenses that could do with disassembly and cleaning. Couldn't find a ready source in the forum here. I believe Sherry K. and Youxin Y. do this work, as I'm sure, does Leica.
Anyone have had this work done recently ? Who would you recommend for the best combination of quality, speed and cost ?
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Old 03-21-2014   #2
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Youxin Ye has done some work for me recently. He has the best turn around time and prices (by far). I had my gear back within two weeks and functioning perfectly. I have not used anyone else, so I can't comment on them.
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Old 03-24-2014   #3
View Range
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Focal Point and SK Grimes sites are worth a look.
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Old 03-24-2014   #4
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At some point over the years I've used each of the big 3 here in the States: Sherry, DAG, and Youxin. In each case, my gear has come back repaired, CLA'd, or whatever was needed. They all have their specialties, but Youxin gets most of my work simply because he's local (to me), quick, and in expensive. But they are all very good at what they do.

I've not had any quality problems with Youxin, and he's the clear winner in terms of speed and price. But there are some things he doesn't work on, like the M5 and CL, for example. He also sent me to DAG for a Canon LTM lens repair, so it depends on what you need. My guess is he services most, if not all, Leica lenses.

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Old 03-24-2014   #5
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David Easterwood is a great guy. He's been working as a technician for a long time, and he has done a few cameras for me and is very good,fast and reasonable. As a matter of fact he is working on one of my Minolta at the moment. I never had lenses done by him (yet), but we had a conversation about that few days ago, and he works on them.
I highly recommend him.
He's located in Michigan.

Here: [email protected]


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Old 03-24-2014   #6
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I am grateful for the recommendations. Some of these lenses (all Leica) may also need focus adjustment. Do all these people also do that ? I suspect that is not included in a CLA. Doesn't that require different tools etc. ?
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Old 03-24-2014   #7
Wayne R. Scott
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I have used Youxin and Sherry for both camera and lens CLA's. Youxin did very well on a Leica IIIc overhaul and was quick and reasonably priced. On my Leica M2 Youxin did not do so well. I sent it back to him and he was fast in the turn around time, but alas the problem was not resolved. In all fairness this was several years ago and he may have gained more skill in Leica M repair.

I ended up sending the M2 to Sherry and paying dearly, but it works a charm now.

I would recommend sending your Leica lens to either DAG or Sherry if you are in the U.S.A. If you want them collimated and not just CLA'd.

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Old 03-24-2014   #8
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I recently had my Leica M4-P and 35cron ASPH sent to DAG for complete overhaul and took just roughly two months till I had it back in my hands. I was going to send it to Youxin but he told me he doesn't calibrate lenses, so he directed me towards DAG. Interesting eh?

I contacted Don from DAG explaining that this was my first leica and wasn't sure if it was working properly. I told him that it may need to be adjusted as the rangefinder patch was slightly out aligned. He advised me that I can send it to him and he can have a look. 2 months later after the complete overhaul, all I can say is the camera and lens are working better! I asked Don how bad was the camera plus the lens and he told me that everything was 'normal'; however, I can tell the difference with everything, from the focusing ring, to the contrast in the viewfinder, to the way the film lever advances. I'm very pleased with everything in that aspect.

My communication with Don was only by email and he responded in a timely manner. The only two things that I'll point out is: 1. that I was unaware that I needed to include a note or letter within my package and 2. Don never gave me an estimate of turnaround time. From research and other reviews, I understood that he's busy but still the only thing I was expecting was some due date. I didn't mind waiting longer, knowing the reviews were only great but it did bother me to such extent that I wasn't given a deadline. So I gave him one months time (from the time he received my camera) to work on the repair without any communication. Then without getting any response, I contacted him every 7 days to follow up, asking about the turnaround time. The 3rd week I finally got an update that it was completed and I paid him through PayPal and the camera was shipped back next day.

Overall, the service of the camera and lens are excellent and the communication was fine towards the beginning and end but next time I should give him a specific deadline, as I felt like he was putting my repair on the back burner. He realized after a month that I was expecting my gear soon when I kept initiating contact bout updates with a turnaround estimate. The price of his services were more expensive than Youxin but oh well, what else can I say. It is what it is. I guess things could of been worse if I wasn't as aggressive but then again I did pay a premium price for what I asked for.
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Old 03-24-2014   #9
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Just would like to add that I have used Dave Easterwwood, Sherry, DAG, Youxin, and John at Focalpoint has recoated 2 terribly beat up leica lenses for me. All of these technicians have their strengths and weaknesses as fellow posters have, I think, accurately pointed out.
I wouldn't hesitate to use any of them.
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Old 03-24-2014   #10
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If you need something basic done, and cheap, and don't mind if it takes a couple times, use Yousin. If you need something complex (including full lens dis-assembly) and are willing to pay a medium price, go with DAG. He knows what he's doing with every possible problem. I even had him CLA a Kern Switar C-mount lens, which he did and gave a full report back. Just ask him before you commit how long it will take, and politely ping him a week before the deadline.
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Old 03-24-2014   #11
Robert Lai
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For lens collimation, I suggest DAG. He has a collimator, Youxin doesn't. I have used Youxin for a couple of my Leica IIIFs, so he is excellent with cameras. Based on your criteria, you have cost effectiveness and excellent outcomes with DAG. However, speed is not in the equation. I've waited up to 2 years to get some of my stuff back.

With Don, if you pressure him, he will get the job done but he will charge an extra premium. OTOH, if he knows that he's taken a long time with your gear, I think he actually discounts his pricing somewhat to compensate. The work also seems to be done in a less hurried, more considered fashion. The 2 year wait was when I sent him a large batch of lenses to overhaul and collimate, along with my IIIG to work over. That was when I was on a 85, 90, and 135mm lens kick.

Gus Lazzari is also a perfectionist, but he does charge more than DAG. There was a time when he closed his business to new orders, because he felt that he was getting too backed up. Gus will clean up the cosmetics too. DAG leaves that up to you.
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Old 03-24-2014   #12
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From experience I can recommend Sherry Krauter (Golden Touch) and Don Goldberg (DAG) for lens work.

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