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120 / 220 film RF's 120 / 220 format rangefinders including Fuji, Koni-Omega, Mamiya Press, Linhof 6x7/6x9 cameras, Mamiya 6/7 among others, but excluding the 120 folders and the Voigtlander 667 cameras that have their own forums.

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Rangefinder for 127 film
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Rangefinder for 127 film


I wonder if any (rigid, not folder) Rangefinder(s) was ever produced for the 127 film format (4 x 6.5 or 4x4 cm)?

Do you know anything about this type of camera?

Best Regards,
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There's a couple nice ones shown at the onetwoseven.org site:

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I own a Foth Derby RF, nice little gem. Not really rigid, not really a folder, but it has some bellows

I'd like to own a Multex, but I cannot justify the expense just because I like the maker...

There are also a Welmy 44 or an Auto Keef, but I have yet to see one. Others, such as the Arsen, were sold with an accesory external, uncoupled rangefinder.

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Revere Eye-matic EE127.


There was a Bell & Howell model, too. But I haven't ever seen one up close and personal.

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Old 10-11-2011   #5
PF McFarland
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Just got this one a couple weeks ago. The shutter is buggered up, but it looks kool, has the eveready case with it's original box, and the instruction manual.

Revere Electric Eye-Matic EE 127 Front by br1078phot, on Flickr

Revere Electric Eye-Matic EE 127
Manufactured 1959
Wollensak 58mm f2.8 Raptar 4 Element Tessar Design
Minimum Aperture f22
ASA Range 10-100 Set On Top Of Camera
Body Of Die-cast Aluminum Alloy
Painted Finish Baked Enamel, With Brushed Aluminum
Single Speed Shutter 1/100
Flash-Matic Mode Electronic Sync Using Revere Model 34 Flash
Coupled Rangefinder (No Distance Markings)
Bright Viewfinder Frame Line With Aperture Display
Single Stroke Lever Film Advance With Frame Counter
Film Format 4x4 127 Rollfilm
Camera Size 6wx4dx3 h (145x98x92mm)
Weight 2lbs 4oz
Originally Sold For $139.50 In 1959 ($1,040 In 2009 Value)

Reminds me of a '50s refrigerator

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Gelto (3x4 on 127) and Arsen (4x4 on 127), also made by Gelto. WWII era Japanese RFs.

Correction: non RF tube cameras. My mistake.

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A pre-war German 127 tube camera by Wirgin:

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