Whatís Your Favorite Kentmere 100 Developer?
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Whatís Your Favorite Kentmere 100 Developer?

I have several rolls of Kentmere 100 awaiting development. I have on hand: Kodak HC-110 and Rodinal, an unopened bottle. Which should I choose, what dilution and time?

Yes, I can look up recommended processing times at places like the Massive Development Chart; but Iím interested in what the RFF braintrust thinks. Which of these two developers would you prefer, and why?

One roll was exposed in a Minolta X700, the other in a Minox EX-G; both cameras functional with no known problems. Daylight subject matter, film rated at ISO100.

Thank you.
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Jon Buffington
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HC110 dil h for k100, minimal/gentle agitation. Or just use times listed and dil b. Rodinal and kentmere are good but grain is enhanced. I have used both, prefer hc110 on k100.
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I've used D76 and Rodinal for K100, and I much prefer D76 at 1:1 using Massive Dev times. I am not happy with how Rodinal develops either Kentmere film.

I expect the massive dev HC110 times will work well.
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I really like Kentmere 100 and have mostly processed it in PMK Pyro to get smooth grain and a wide tonal range. I did do a couple rolls in Rodinal at 1:50. I liked the good blacks from that combination. There is more grain than other developers, but the grain is very even and the bit of texture it gives to an image can be very pleasing. I've had very consistent results from Kentmere 100 and it seems like it will do well in quite a variety of developers, And, you can't beat the price.
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