How do you know when the lamp is going out?
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Ian M.
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How do you know when the lamp is going out?

Thanks for the tips and pointers for scanning in my last thread here. Lately I've been shooting a lot of medium format, scanning with an Epson at school, and getting fabulous results.

But going back to 35mm, my scans are still being difficult. Namely that I get a very compressed histogram and murky images, even with decent negs.

To recap: I'm using VueScan, a Minolta 5400 (first version, which I'm certain is a cold cathode tube) and the lock exposure technique.

Right now, I'm using a borrowed Coolscan 4000 to do some big batch scans and they're turning out just fine. Could it be that my scanner's lamp is on its last breath? How would I figure that out, and is there any possibility of replacing it?
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Bob Michaels
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Let me suggest downloading the Minolta scan software and see if the problem repeats itself with different software. I have been a Vuescan person for some 12+ years but a different software package is a quick easy way to rule out software problems.

I have owned several Minolta scanners but never burned out of bulb in one. Fortunately I do have a spare for my MultiPro.

I do not know if 5400 1st version bulbs are available or not. I specifically asked Precision Camera, the Minolta service center, if they had them in stock because I was considering buying a 5400 and availability of replacement bulb would be a factor in my potential purchase decision. They answered many questions that I never asked but not the simple one I did ask in a series of e-mails. So I gave up and still scan 35mm with my medium format scanner.
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Highway 61
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Let me suggest that you follow some tips you were adressed in that other thread and post here a TIFF scan (reduced to 800x600 of course) of a neg. scanned as a RGB color file, as if it was a color slide. Choose, please, a very well exposed photo. Use Vuescan as you were suggested to (linear curve, no other presets). Then let us look at the negative - like the first photo of the series of three I posted in the other thread. It will be easy to see if the scanner still captures what's on the negative, or if it has become unable to.

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Substituting VueScan for Minolta software greatly depends on the operating system you're running, I could not get my software for the ScanDual IV to go run on any operating system higher than OSX Snow Leopard.

Maybe run the VueScan software as a plugin to Photoshop, use the Photoshop 'Acquire' menu option and see if it makes a difference that way? If you don't have Photoshop, you can install it as a 30 day trial, or use Photoshop Elements.
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