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Travel This is the place you ask for travel advice, or share your own tips. Topics include destinations, sight seeing, and best / smartest ways for traveling with a camera.

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I'm guessing its just too far to go for you northern folk, but the south island of NZ. You could drop your camera and it would take a keeper as it hit the ground! Think Lord of the Rings scenery round every corner, no PS required. If you get the chance and like landscapes, go.

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Regards Stewart

Stewart McBride

RIP 2015

You’re only young once, but one can always be immature.

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Originally Posted by David Hughes View Post
PS Re: boring walks to work. Mundane shots are never taken and then years later you realise it's all changed and you can't show a picture of it. People think you're daft as a brush when you take them but they gain in value over the years.
Two checkbox:
- Surprise (something fresh)
- Effort (something that show hard work, usually with consistent theme across a long period)

Doesn't have the perseverance, so the no-effort spot is usually new places. Even easier if it's beyond the border.
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Here's an easy place to shoot

- Alkis

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For me it's anywhere that isn't home. Almost anything that isn't ordinary is interesting to me.
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There is no such thing as no effort photography, unless your photography sucks, in which case, it is misleading to talk about effort.
I've heard about the hordes of photo tourists who went to California on the traces of Edward Weston, to shoot his "easy" dunes, peppers, etc.
They all went back home wondering, where did he "see" his masterpieces.

I think, that traveling to your kitchen, could be an exhilarating photo experience:

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I always find travel stimulating for purposes of photography--and I don't necessarily even mean "vacation" travel. I am happy to find something to photograph almost anywhere I have not been before. But then again, I'll shoot just about anything, so I guess maybe I am less picky than most.

No-effort? Unfortunately, those places tend to be the touristy sites that have been photographed to death. I've never been to Paris, but I know that when I do I will undoubtedly come home with Eiffel Tower shots. The challenge is funding interesting ways to capture those iconic places.

I find that changing lenses to something I don't usually use is a big help when trying to "see" anew places I've been before--like instead of my usual 35 or 50, I'll use a 21 or 90. I've worked (and lived) in Boston for the past 14 years. There are only so many different routes to home and work; it can be very monotonous. So I will change lenses to keep things fresh.

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