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SLRs - the unRF For those of you who must talk about SLRs, if only to confirm they are not RF.

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Old 03-30-2014   #41
Leica nuts
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Originally Posted by Bill Clark View Post
Some medium format film cameras.
Some? The only one I carry now is my 903SWC and not that often.

Adelaide, South Australia
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All my 35mm cameras ! Love them, but I realize now that life is too short... what's the point of shooting such small negatives these days !!
Medium format for everyday use and large format on the weekends !
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I'd have to say my Minolta XK's. A friend gave me the first one when I still had my OM1--the XK was a camera his mother inlaw gave to his little family to record the grandkid. He didn't like it because it didn't say "Nikon". So, he gave it to me and bought a Nikon EM. My OM1 was stolen a couple of years later and ten years after that I decided to go back to photography and the XK was the only camera I owned at the time. It took over ten years from when it was given to me, but I finally fell in love with the camera. I even bought another body, but they are really heavy. I bought a OM1 and a OM2 late last year and re-retired the XK.
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Old 03-30-2014   #44
Kostya Fedot
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Canon 5D. Too bulky to walk around. Using it at home.
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Old 03-30-2014   #45
Robert Lai
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Leica M7 and Nikon F3.
Both great cameras. Sold when I was unemployed and needed money.
Now that I have a new job, thinking about getting an M3 to make up for my losses.
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Old 04-07-2014   #46
Never enough smoky peat
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This guy...plus all the other Takumars I have collected for it. Once I found a nice P67 + 105/2.4, the little one stayed home most days.

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Old 04-08-2014   #47
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Contax II, OM2 and Contax G2. Been using the lenses on my Sony NEX 5r
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Old 04-08-2014   #48
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Olympus OM2n. I really liked that camera a lot, but didn't love the SLR experience in general.

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Old 06-10-2014   #49
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From 2007-2009, a Canon 30D + 17-55mm f2.8 was in my bag. And from 2009-2010, the 5D Mark II + 24-105L or 35L was with me. You'd think that the difference between the 30D and 5D Mark II wouldn't be much, but to my shoulder, it definitely was. Either that, or carrying that load every day for a few years had a cumulative toll on my posture and alignment.

The increasing weight in the DSLR's was one of the reasons why I moved into rangefinders. I loved the Zeiss Ikon, but I also loved the convenience of digital, so the M9 replaced the 5D Mark II as my every day camera. Unfortunately, I've found that even the M9 and a couple of primes has been a bit much to carry, so I went to the Ricoh GXR, the Fuji X100, the Olympus EM-5, and now I've moved to the Ricoh GR and Panasonic LX7 as my daily cameras.

Perhaps in the future I will move to the Panasonic GM1 and a few small primes, perhaps the 14/2.5, 25/1.8 and 45/1.8. A far cry from the full frame DSLR I used to tote everywhere, but so much easier on the shoulder and bag.
~Loving Every Image Captured Always~
Archiver on flickr
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Old 06-10-2014   #50
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Fujifilm X-Pro1 ...I love it, but I have better cameras for my needs these days.
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Old 06-10-2014   #51
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Definitely my OM-1. I've been shooting my Canon 1n instead....mostly so I can shoot film and digital with one system. I no longer need to carry 2 different sets of lenses with me.

I really do need to take the OM-1 out for a spin soon...
Canon EOS 1n, Fuji GA645, Pentax 6x7, Olympus OM-1, Polaroid 360, Rollei 35

My Website
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Busch Pressman 4X5 - no nonsense, cast aluminum body . It gave me great shots and doubled as a most excellent personal defense weapon in the '60s.
Rick Beckrich

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Originally Posted by GarageBoy View Post
Your favorite camera that you don't carry around anymore?
In the 1970s I replaced my two Nikon F bodies with two Nikon F2 Titanium bodies. The Titanium F2 quickly became my all time favorite camera.

In the 1980s, I discovered that my Titanium bodies were rapidly increasing in value because they were rare and collectors wanted them. When the price rose so high that I feared the wear and tear of using them would devalue them, I sold them for a profit and replaced them with a Nikon F3. I later replaced the F3 with a pair of F4 bodies.

I love my F4 bodies but really miss my favorite F2 Titanium bodies.

Nikon F4 and Nikon F4s by Narsuitus, on Flickr
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Warren T.
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My favorite 35mm slr is the Nikon F4s. I used to have two, now I only have one, but I rarely use it now. I don't shoot much film these days, and the F4s is just too big and heavy for regular carry.

My RFF Gallery
My SF Photoblog: www.viewfindersf.aminus3.com
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Old 06-10-2014   #55
Jordan Dickinson
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My Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. I used to carry it around town as a general shooter, which is kind of ridiculous. However, even handheld as I always shot it when not at home, it created great and supremely sharp images using the Mamiya lenses...

the sand dunes by slantface, on Flickr

curls by slantface, on Flickr

alleywindows-bw by slantface, on Flickr

hydrant2 by slantface, on Flickr

rocks by slantface, on Flickr

grenade by slantface, on Flickr
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