Body/bodies choice
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Body/bodies choice

Hi all. A question that has been bothering me for a while and I would appreciate any input, your experience, your current choice.

For the same amount of money, would you choose two cheaper bodies or one expensive body?
For example, 2000$ can get you a decent mp but you can easily get a nice m6 .85 + m2 for $2000.

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I would get two cheaper bodies. One expensive and one inexpensive. But that is mainly because I dont like to carry expensive items around DC.

If I lived out in the country, I would just get one body.
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Hi Chris,

I use a M2 for shooting 35s, a M3 for 50s and a MP 0.85 for shooting my 75 or the 50s/35s without a handheld meter in social situations or situations where the MP's VF is critical. I have had the meterless bodies for some time, but the MP I started with only a couple of years ago. I view my M2 as a 35mm body and my M3 as a 50mm body, and my MP as a wonderful photographic luxury for shooting in situations where TTL metering is more effective. All of my Ms are tools but they are tools that I value and for which I have an attachment based on the quality of service they have provided. I highly recommend getting the M bodies that will function the way you want as well as being tools that you desire to reuse time after time because they have earned your trust through consistent, quality service. Now this is where other things like aesthetic form come into consideration. But these are secondary to functionality but closely connected to a sense of attachment and therefore related to usage.

So when it comes to spending money on a some Ms, I think it is best to save for the bodies you desire most. You will end up using them more.
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well.... find another grand and buy an M8.
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A 0.85 M6 will do 35mm lenses, so an M2 would not be needed for that reason. An M3 may be good, as it will give you a finder with the highest available magnification (without eyepiece magnifiers) for use with fast and long lenses.
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I'm all for simplicity. Single body, single film, single lens (OK, sometimes two lenses). It's very easy to get into this hobby and "go nuts" on gear when all you really need is quality gear you like using - and for me that includes choosing not to tote around multiple bodies per outing. Some of the finest photographers ever known to humanity made do with single body, single lens combinations.

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Al Kaplan
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I've got a couple of M2's and an M3. I also have a Bessa L and a Leica CL. They look sort of like they were rescued from a junk yard then dragged home on a chain. They work great. Two grand should buy you a Weston Master V meter, 35 and 90mm lenses, and a pair of M bodies that function just fine.

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I would love to have two bodies just
in case one happen to be down for
whatever reason, sure would be nice
to have the backup.
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I know it's common here to consider the MP the best Leica ever built, but even in my worst times of GAS the idea of getting one has never crossed my mind - because one can get an M6 (with upgraded finder) for less than half the price. I find the M6 extremely functional and more robust than any brass body I have owned.

Of course, in the end, camera bodies are a very personal choice.

But two bodies make things so much easier. Lens changing, different films, different magnification, emergency replacement, etc.



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I usually carry two bodies, one with WA and the other short tele, a holdover from my photojournalist days.
But faced with the choice for a manual camera, an M6 and M2 is ok because you don't gain anything with an MP and you can use the M6 to meter for the M2..
Now M7 is a different story and I would rather have one M7 than two manual M's.-Dick
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I usually prefer buying lenses but M6 ttl and a nice Bessa will do just fine
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i'd get 2 instead of 1.
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Originally Posted by fbf View Post
For example, 2000$ can get you a decent mp but you can easily get a nice m6 .85 + m2 for $2000.
This is my combo. It's perfect for me in many ways, even though I use a 28mm and a 50mm (no 28 frame lines on either camera!)

Strangely, the M2 feels like it should be more expensive than the M6 ,and the quality is incredible. I don't think going from MP to M2 is a step down, but I like shooting with a separate meter so it depends on your needs. My friend w/ an MP wants to change to my setup b/c he's afraid to take his expensive camera out sometimes. He also doesn't find there to be a big enough difference between the MP and M6 in regular pro/personal working conditions (my M6 has a VF upgrade).
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I would go for 2 bodies, but a different setup if it were me. Get an m3 (.92x mag) and a .72x m6 or an m4-2 or m4-p or even an m2. The m6 .85x does have a reputation for flaring up the rangefinder.

Obviously, using a non metered camera doesn't bother you, if you want the 28mm frames, grab an m4-p otherwise, an m2 + m3 combo should do you well.
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Two M2s here. Two bodies allows use of different films, or same film and different lenses without having to switch, also a back-up should one body stop functioning.
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Imagine dropping an $2000 MP on the pavement or a $1000 M6 ... $2000 are good for an M6 ($850) + M2 ($450) and you still have ~ $700 in your wallet.
- Gabor

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I always take 2 bodies on anything that is going to be interesting and I know it advance. One B&W and one color. I have an M6 Classic and an M4-P.... this way I have a meter in those cases where I feel I need to check my instincts or if I am shooting chromes. If you like the M experience I have never found either of my cameras to be lacking in any way.
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Yep, 2 M bodies is always better than 1 body. Cheers.

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If you tend to only carry one body at a time, just go with one body. If you prefer always or almost always carrying two, go with two. If you tend to be clumsy and are worried about dropping one, go with two cheapies. If you think you would be happier with an MP, or you would use an MP more, go with the MP. The key is to not rush your decision. The best deal for you will come along when you are ready.
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Erik L
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i use more than one body so i have a film choice when shooting.
usually slides in one body and negitives in the other. (its not usually both leicas at the same time though)
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