First M 10 Shots
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Dektol Dan
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First M 10 Shots

I'm still getting acquainted with the M10, it's not the old M9.
I'll post my likes and dislikes when I have more time, a bit later.
The image quality is great, lens is a Zeiss 2.8 35mm Biogon:

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M10 Likes Dislikes
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Dektol Dan
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M10 Likes Dislikes

Feels like my old M4 and M6.
Layout controls are simple, logical and easy to learn.
Sensor gives drop dead gorgeous images.
Memory and read and write are very fast.
Latitude and forgiveness of exposure in .DNG is amazing!
View finder focus patch is very forgiving when focusing into light source.
I usually shoot exposure manually, but aperture priority is very forgiving too.
There is an adjustment knob on the back that has guard that
also functions as a thumb grip.

I had to save 2 years to buy this?
Frame lines, although wonderful, only work with camera on.
Extra battery is $175 (jeezus!!!) AND, the extra battery I bought was defective and Adorama would not cover shipping on the hazardous material that it is. $10 is a six pack of beer to me!
Be sure to consider the sales tax on a camera that will cost nearly $6000 in the end.
It doesn't come with a memory card

There are complaints about battery life. If you are familiar with M cameras disregard this. I shot 6 hours and lost only half the charge. If you shoot it like a mirrorless camera (live view), I don't know the life. That user should buy a Q.

The M 10 is somewhat water proof (check the seal on battery
memory card cover). Their access is still a pain in the ass. I bought a half case that flips open and closes magnetically from the camera bottom. That was well worth it, but I'm sure it's not waterproof.

Black and white is only jpeg, no .DNG

I would prefer a full case to a half case, like the old M's.
I shoot in crowds and on rough trails. There doesn't seem to be any cases for the camera/lens protection I need.

The ISO knob on camera top is a good idea, but has to first be lifted which is very difficult, especially with a strap on the camera. Otherwise setting ISO can be done like the M9, which is no big deal.

Would I buy one again?
I live in Phoenix AZ which is a very big town. There was no dealer here that had an M 10 could try out first. Scary!

I would still an M 10! I'm very glad I did!
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Gorgeous colours! That lens is a beaut, but the sensor really makes it so.
Film amateur with a few rangefinders - Leica III, M2/M3, Werra 3 and Zeiss Super Ikonta 534/16 medium format.

Apart from that have a Rolleiflex 3.5F, the odd Minolta XD7, Hasselblad 500cm, a Topcon Super D and an Intrepid 5x4 large format (not the half of it but I am clearing them out, honest).

I do all my own black and white developing at home.
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Kostya Fedot
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It looks like they kept old Biogon traditions in tact. At least it flares just as my Russian Biogon .
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