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Business / Philosophy of Photography Taking pics is one thing, but understanding why we take them, what they mean, what they are best used for, how they effect our reality -- all of these and more are important issues of the Philosophy of Photography. One of the best authors on the subject is Susan Sontag in her book "On Photography."

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loves old lenses
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repairing old lenses or just opening them to clean has become a hobby of mine. Once I had scored a rather rare and to me also rather dear Voigtlaender Color Heliar SL f2.5/75mm, relatively cheap because it came in Canon breech mount.
I thought that one inner element might have a slight haze and decided to try cleaning it. It was a simple setting, me "on the road" in Asia sitting on a tiled floor, and there it happenend: An inner element fell out and on the floor and the glass chipped on one side!
Man, was I furious about myself and my stupidity! Since then I only open a lens if it really is necessary, and always use a soft surface to be working on, usually on top of a plastic plate that also would catch any small parts like screws falling out.
Resale value dropped considerably but now I shall keep it anyway. Luckily I can't detect any problems in performance! I guess because the chipped glass element is about in the middle of the lens. I guess it might lead to some reflections under certain circumstances. What do you think? Could it be that the chipped element really does not or hardly compromises performance?
my photos on flickr: : https://www.flickr.com/photos/kuuan/collections
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Big Ursus
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For the digital users among us - I've forgotten to re-set film simulations, contrast settings, and exposure compensation too many times to want to try to remember! Oh, and when I tried to take a picture of my photo-jounalist son, I forgot the flash won't work on my Fuji X-t2 when the shutter's set to electronic.
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Richard G
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Originally Posted by charjohncarter View Post
One complete roll in Mexico. It was actually in the camera but I neglected to slot it. The great thing about that failure is the film window shows you what film you haven't slotted.
Sweet. To complete the catastrophe I hope you then rewound so the unused film was inaccessible in the canister.
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Originally Posted by Richard G View Post
Sweet. To complete the catastrophe I hope you then rewound so the unused film was inaccessible in the canister.
Ah, but don't you have a film leader retriever?
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I misloaded my M6 last month. I still can't believe I was that clumsy having been a Leica user for 20 years. Normally after I replace the bottom plate I would wind on a bit and see if the rewind lever moves which means the gears are catching. I should have looked if the lever moved every frame.
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* on holldiay in Paris, in Jardin du Luxembourg I misloaded my F3 and took some great shots of my kids playing there, people playing petanque etc. I totally forgot to check the winding-a thing that I always do...
*I regret selling my Pentax 67 with 105mm 4 years ago for €300-they are selling for much more now!
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