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How do you deal with your digital images on the road?
Old 04-03-2019   #1
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How do you deal with your digital images on the road?

Going on a trip and bringing two digital cameras (a Fuji GFX 50R and a Ricoh GR II). I'm bringing an old Macbook Air in case I need to do some work stuff and possibly an iPad for entertainment.

I know I'm going to want bring my images into a proper image editor (Lightroom for the Ricoh, Capture One for the Fuji) on my real computer when I get home. But was thinking I might like to do a little light image editing and posting to Instagram on the road.

I use an old non Creative Cloud version of Lightroom at home. Was thinking I could edit on the 11 inch Air for posting and basically just re-edit on a big screen when I get home (not delete the cards and re-import and start from scratch). Or I guess I could export those edits and import at home.

Or I could just edit on the iPad using Lightroom and do the same (basically disregard those edits and start again at home).

I always shoot RAW but I suppose I could shoot Raw + Jpeg on both and do something that way.

Just wondering what other people do.
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If you are taking a MacBook Air, that's a real computer too.

Run both software on the MacBook Air. Move the catalog and the images to the desktop when you get back.

Now, are you thinking about backup during the trip? I take a tiny external HD and try to keep it in a different spot from the computer.
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In the past I've traveled with an 11" MacBook Air, and a portable hard drive (USB). I usually import the images into the MBA and then export the RAW files to a folder on the portable hard drive. Then, if anything is immediately interesting, I process it on the MBA to post on the internet.

When I get home, I import the RAW files from the portable hard drive into my Mac Pro and process them and distribute them to my other permanent hard drives.

Hope that helps.

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Definitely aim to transfer all images to at least two places. Small portable HDD's are great for this if you've got the MacBook Air. I use the Nexto CF combination reader and HDD which copies all card contents into the drive and assigns folders by date. Not sure if it's still around, but I've had it for almost ten years and use it once every year or so for overseas or multiple day trips where I can't access my main computer.
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I dont know about GFX file sizes but I just use Lightroom for mobile and a Toshiba Flashair card for wireless transfer from the MP240 to the phone. I hate travelling with a laptop, especially in airports.
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Old 04-03-2019   #6
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Thanks for the ideas. Exactly what I needed.

I've got the software loaded up on the Air so I'll use that. Might not even bring the iPad. Will keep me from binging on news when I'm away.
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Bill Clark
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I don’t do anything until I’m back home. For my way of thinking, the cards I use are safe.

In all my years in business I never had a failure. My cameras use CF cards. I carry 8 gig cards. My one Canon has two slots, one for the CF, the other for the XD.

Once I have them saved on external hard drives, I format the cards in camera.

So far it works for me.

Hope this helps you.
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On one trip to Italy on business, I took so many pictures of medieval Bologna and Florence on my iPhone that I simply deleted my music to clear space for pictures. Once back home, the photos went into iPhotos, and iTunes simply copied the music back onto the phone on the next sync.

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I'm not concerned about the cards or backup. Haven't had issues in the past. Don't shoot that much that I need space. Still have photos on the card in one camera from a trip to Italy in 2017 and plenty of space left, though I'll erase before I go.

Just know I may be anxious to see, hopefully I can resist and not do any editing but like to have the option.

Good options. Appreciate the input.

Don't use my phone for photos or iPhoto or iCloud so the Apple ecosystem not really relevant for me.
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