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Canon Rangefinders - Peter Dechert and Peter Kitchingman Peter Dechert is best known for his Canon Rangefinder, Canon SLR, and Olympus Pen books, the latter two long out-of-print. He was a monthly columnist for many years for SHUTTERBUG magazine, and has contributed to many others. Most recently he has written about the pre-WW2 Zeiss 35mm cameras, but his interests in camera equipment and optics are many and varied. As a pro protographer and honorary life member of ASMP, Peter is also expert in using the gear! Peter Kitchingman - author of Canon Rangefinder Lens book Peter Kitchingman's 'Canon M39 Rangefinder Lenses 1939-71' book is the definitive source on these very interesting optics. His interests also go to the entire Canon Rangefinder system and beyond.

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Steve M.
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".......during the 1950-1960 period, what manufacturers made the "best" lenses for 35mm photography?
(My answer to that one is, in no order of ranking, Zeiss, Nikon, and Canon.)

That's an odd list w/o Leica in it! Sort of like naming the best Formula one teams and leaving out Ferrari :]
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View Range
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Leitz' creation of the Summicrons in that period can't be ignored.
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Larry Huffman
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The classic Canon 100mm f3.5 is compact, beautiful, and a lens with a fine image.


Larry Huffman
my site www.canonrangefinder.org features all the Canon rangefinder lenses 1936-1975

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Originally Posted by Tom A View Post
Lenses currently: Serenar 35f3.5 flares and not that great!
Canon 35f1.8 bl/cr Good lens, maybe not super sharp - but works fine.
Canon 35mm f2.0 . I have always liked this lens - small and compact and really a good performer - at least in bl/w.
Canon 50f1.2 - a bit big and ponderous and prone to flare - but I like it. As per usual - it has oil on the blades and needs a cleaning (spring clean 2009 maybe).
Canon 85f1.9 crome. Oh boy is it heavy - but quite nice - similar to the Summarex/Nikon 85's f1.5. And just like those - you need a hood on it.
I will probably try to find a 50f1.4 again. Liked that lens and foolishly traded it off long time ago.
I did have the 100f2 - better than the big Bertha Summicron 90f2 from the 60's - but somehow I did not like its performance anyway and traded it away.
Oh, one day I will probably pick up one of the 25's too - I have a 25f4 in Nikon Rf mount so one in Canon screw mount would fit quite well into my 'stash".
Tom posted this 10 years ago. I do miss him.

My take on the three Canon rangefinder lenses I own:

Canon 28mm f2.8 Chrome -- Good lens, mine's sharp on center, even wide open - has veiling flare wide open until stopped down to about f4.0 - but works fine (lens used by Garry Winogrand on his M2 early in his street photography).

Canon 35mm f1.8 Black/Chrome -- Good lens, mine's sharp on center, even wide open - has veiling flare wide open until stopped down to about f2.8 - but works fine.

Canon 35mm f2.0 Black -- Japanese Summicron - well maybe - small and compact and really a good performer - at least in bl/w.

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My favorite canon lens: 35mm f2.8 black and silver. Although not as sharp as the 35mm f2 I like its handling and overall performance. I've used this lens with my Leica M7 the most.
50mm f1.8 is always a good standard lens and if I ever feel the need to lug a tele the
135 mm f3.5 is excellent.
Lens I would like to pick up: 19mm f3.5
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Family Snaps
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Since it has to be "bang for the buck" the 35 f2 LTM "Japanese cron" has to do, and it does!
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