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Argus 21 Markfinder
Old 05-27-2019   #1
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Question Argus 21 Markfinder

I posed this on photrio but havenít had any responses so thought Iíd try here.

I got the 21 Markfinder out to get ready for Argust Day. I acquired the camera a couple of years ago while I was having an Argus GAS attack, but Iíve never run film through it. I wanted to see if the shutter was still working, but it wouldnít cock as I turned the film wind knob. Then I remembered that the shutter was cocked, and frame counter advanced, as the film was advanced and the film traveled over the toothed guide wheel during winding. So I opened the back and turned that wheel by hand to cock the shutter. Man, it was stiff! So stiff that Iím concerned that the film sprocket holes may tear out during film advancing. Do any other Argus fans know if this kind of stiffness is normal for this camera or if I need to get the shutter cocking linkages cleaned and lubed before Argust Day?

BTW, I did get the shutter cocked and it did fire - with authority! Those Argus leaf shutters arenít made for stealth photography!

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PF McFarland
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I don't have a Markfinder, but I do have the C-Four, and C-44 which are basically the same body. I don't recall feeling like the winding was overly stiff, but then I haven't used them since Argust 17.

Waiting for the light
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Some one on photrio told me they keep a test roll of film just for running through their old cameras to check if the mechanics are working ok. I’ve got a few old rolls from some vintage cameras so I’m going to use one of those to check this Markfinder’s film transport mechanics.

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