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2016- my year of overthinking photography
Old 11-27-2016   #1
call me Jan
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2016- my year of overthinking photography

I thought it's important, to know what you want from your photography, and to finish first 25years of my life with a masterplan. But that's bull***t. So I'm ending this year with less pictures than ever, just a few short series that I want to put together on a new website (a good reason to finally make it). And it's not even about the gear...

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Well, if that's what it took to finally get the website together, then you could argue it was perhaps worth it in the end. Same thing happened to me last year really in some ways. You're now older and hopefully wiser, a new year is starting soon. Enjoy every year as much as you can.
Photos of Thailand and Thai people. Bangkok street and candids, urban landscapes, and lots of film work plus a blog on all of this.
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Old 11-27-2016   #3
Devin Bro
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Amen to bull****! Have a beer already!
Made in Michigan

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Old 11-27-2016   #4
Kostya Fedot
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Zubrowka, already!
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Old 11-27-2016   #5
JP Owens
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Success isn't always measured in quantity.

/. Philosophical Rant On ./

Having a "master plan" seems a quaint concept in 2016. The world (if it ever was) is no longer solid, and life a constant series of disruptions. We simply have to embrace the chaos and measure our efforts in shorts bursts of activity, like the "Agile" programmers, and move on to the next sprint.

Sounds like you experientially have now figured that out!

/. Philosophical Rant Off ./

"Nothing exists beyond the edges of the frame."
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Old 11-27-2016   #6
Shooter of Film...
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So what have you learned this year...??? That might be the more important factor...
Putting an age to reach your goals is silly...unless you're a top athlete age shouldn't be a factor as to whether you've made it or not...goals in Art are ageless...
"tongue tied & twisted
just an earthbound misfit...I..."
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Old 11-28-2016   #7
Richard G
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I didn't really get serious till I was 48. Eight years later I am almost at the minor plan drafting stage. Masterplan still a way off... After looking at lots of photographs and taking thousands I am just beginning to realise the dictum that you should ignore everything you read and hear and make the pictures that matter to you. But I think you have to go the way of soaking in so much to determine what pictures matter to you. Even Picasso could be so taken by a Matisse painting that he would have to borrow it for two weeks. Specialisation and focus are the mantras for photography and science. But that is boring. A uniform style is perhaps a commercial necessity. But Elliot Erwitt took lots of different types of photographs. Here is Luigi Ghirri on 'style':

"Certain maniacal aspects seem dangerous to me: photography is the aphasia of seeing, the antechamber of the anaesthetization of the glance, [gaze?]* the need to be original and creative at all costs, the desperate search for the new and for a trademark, in the belief that an artist can be recognized by the visual editing he imprints on the outside world. Instead of trying to introduce new tempos and modalities, photography has entered the rigid space of the reproduction itself. Perhaps Shakespeare’s pronouncement is valid here: “What an infinite mock is this, that a man should have the best use of eyes to see the way of blindness.”

Luigi Ghirri: The Open Work 1984 (The Complete Essays 1973–1991)

*I think the translator should have used 'gaze' here.
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Old 11-28-2016   #8
call me Jan
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posts: 963
You guys are all right, beer is good for creativity This year I finally got my art degree, running own business, you know a moment in life when you want to have everything arranged to become famous photographer before 30. But very important thing mentioned Richard, finding uniform style may actually not be good, unlike finding what really matters to you. And only way seems to make alot of pictures and find it out.

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