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Olympus 35 RD shutter
Old 04-04-2016   #1
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Olympus 35 RD shutter

New member here; a little background first - I recently bought an Olympus 35 RD for a mere $2.50; cosmetics are OK and rangefinder needs cleaning, but doesn't seem to have the stuck shutter issue I keep reading about for this model. Shutter and aperture operate smoothly except for speeds slower than 1/30.

When turning the SS ring between B and 1/30 by any increment (backwards and forwards), I get a consistent grinding sound, almost like a wind-up toy, until the speed is clicked in. When I then release the shutter, the speeds are accurate and the blades close as they should but leave a sustaining grinding sound (similar to the initial one caused by the SS ring) that rings out for about 1/4 second after the exposure is over. This ONLY happens when SS is between B and 1/30, faster speeds work smoothly.

Could this still be a stuck shutter issue? Or is the grinding sound a problem in the actual mechanism? Given it doesn't affect operation, is it worth even worrying about?

Any help or input is appreciated; I'm constantly debating whether this is worth fixing and/or whether I should sell it and buy a recently CLA'd rangefinder instead.
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Pan Giannakis
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Hi Lthan07, welcome to RFF.

Without being an expert, my guess would be sand or debris being stuck in parts of the SS ring mechanism. Oil can migrate to these parts and any debris can get stuck and give this grinding noise. That is my suggestion. If that's what it is, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

More experienced RFF member might give you a better explanation as to what might be happening.

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Old 04-04-2016   #3
JP Owens
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Copal shutters generally have two timing mechanisms. One is for faster shutter speeds , where the shutter opens quickly & immediately closes. The other is for slower speeds (opens shutter fully, holds open for desired interval) for speeds about 1/20~1/15 second & below. The whirring sound is that slow speed escapement.

Normal operation.

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Old 04-04-2016   #4
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Thanks for the input! Glad to hear it's a non-issue.

I also didn't realize the RD was so sought after; some knowledge of its reputation nudged me into picking it up but after reading more, it seems to be quite hard to find nowadays.
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Old 04-04-2016   #5
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Slower speeds you should hear a mechanical 'self-timer-like' noise, post click. This is normal.

It's more faint but audible when changing slow speeds, too.

All normal.

If the RD shutter fails you'll know, as it sticks.

Superb little cameras.
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