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Apple service just continues to deliver.

I took my computer, an iMac27 in last tuesday for a hardware test as my applecare was expiring on thursday of last week.
They noted the display had some backlight unevenness which I had noticed but did not think much of.
I left the computer for a "back stage" complete hardware test.

Today I got a call that it was ready for pick up. They had replaced the Display, Fusion drive, and mother board all covered

This was a computer they gave me as a replacement for a MacBook Pro 17" in 2014. The MBP had a display that went wonky and was no longer available as the 17" was phased out.
The actual replacement was a full spec 15" Retina that they allowed me to exchange for this iMac27 as I needed a desktop more than another laptop at that time.
I had the 15" retina for a week and asked if I could exchange for like value and the manager at Bellevue Square store said sure.

So the timeline is like this.
I bought the 17" in late 2011.
They replaced it in 2014 under applecare.
Allowed me to buy Applecare for the new replacement computer.
Now basically rebuild the new computer with only a couple days of warranty remaining.
I paid for one computer in 2011 with applecare and paid again for applecare in 2014.

I know some will say " well you pay for it Macs are expensive" and,... there were some tested issues even if they had not yet surfaced in use .... ok sure that's all true.

How often do you hear stories of Customer service like this?
It's the best advertising in the world and Apple deserves it.
Now if only Aperture was not orphaned

A happy story and I thought I should share it.
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genius and moron
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Wow. Well done Andy.
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While we pay a premium price for their product I've always found I get premium service from them.

When they stick a 16mp camera in an iPhone they become one of my favorite camera makers......

B2 (;->
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Apple tells me that Aperture continues to run OK right up to the latest OS. It's just that they can't promise that some future revision of an existing OS will still be aperture compatible.
May the light be with you.
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Apple has always taken good care of me too when it comes to warranty and service on my personal equipment. I've never had a single problem with the company when it comes to customer service, and I've been using Apple systems since 1984.

Originally Posted by Rob-F View Post
Apple tells me that Aperture continues to run OK right up to the latest OS. It's just that they can't promise that some future revision of an existing OS will still be aperture compatible.
Aperture is still installed and still usable on my macOS X Sierra system. But Apple is no longer selling Aperture or putting development money into it, and hasn't for a year or two at this point. It's no longer tested for compatibility, in other words. At some point, something in the OS will change that makes it no longer able to run properly.
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