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CSC : Digital Compact System Cameras - This new category of digital Compact System Cameras with interchangeable lenses was mislabeled for a time as "Mirrorless Cameras" by those forgetting about "Mirrorless" Rangefinder cameras.  Such confusion is easily understandable, since interchangeable rangefinder cameras were only recently introduced in 1932.  hmm.    CSC or Compact System Camera is probably the best category description to date, although I am fond of the old RFF desigation of  CEVIL  indicating Compact Electronic Viewfidner Interchangeable Lens.   This forum is here at RFF because via adapters these cameras offer an inexpensive way to use rangefinder lenses on digital cameras -- in addition of just about every 35mm SLR lens you can think of.  All  offer the photo enthusiast an incredible array of adopted lenses which was not possible before these new digital formats.   This group continues to grow in popularity and new camera models! 

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I'm with Stephen! These specs would complement my Nikon D800E perfectly - perhaps even replace.

I would add:
8) Image crop options to include 1.3 format (= 645 film)
I spent an afternoon carefully measuring and then engraving left/right crop lines onto my my D800E's focusing screen (placed with +/-0.1 mm)! This is the only format I use, and as I compose right up to the image edge, guessing's not accurate enough!

Originally Posted by CameraQuest View Post
One of the sad surprises of Photokina 2016 was no top end Nikon mirrorless to compete with the FujiX and Sony A7 series.

What would you like to see in a Nikon Mirrorless ?

I would like to see

1) The sensor from the Nikon 810 - or the 810's successor

2) complete flash system compatibility with Nikon DSLRs

3) state of the art EVF - better than the Leica SL

4) large high res tilting LCD panel

5) new large mouth lens mount allowing adapters from virtually all DSLRs and 2 1/4 cameras

6) adapter allowing FULL compatibility with ALL Nikon F lens variations - OK, so it would be an expensive adapter, but WELL worth it!

7) Gazillion axis stabilization built into the camera body


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Originally Posted by BillBingham2 View Post
That's what they said about the rangefinder market a bit over 15 years ago......

B2 (;->
I don't follow.

The optical RF market exists because a niche demographic can afford to keep it alive. Nikon has done little to indicate it's interested in niche markets. I don't consider professional action photographers a niche market. But maybe they are. Put another way I will speculate sports photographers spend more per year than Leica RF photographers.
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