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Revitalizing interest in photography with fujifilm gear
Old 02-04-2018   #1
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Revitalizing interest in photography with fujifilm gear

Hello forum, long time no see.
I believe I last posted here somewhere in 2012 or around.
At that time my interest in photography if not vanished but degraded significantly, partly due to new interests (sea fishing with spinning gear, anyone?), and partly due to the fact I had been unable to find budget digital camera that would replace my lovely Olympus OM system and Oly 35SP and a kiev rangefinders. Fast forward 5 years, many "rod and fish" snaps later, I am back home to the basics of photography. I just understood that picturing light and shadows still intrigues me.
With regard to gear, I am still in previous millennium. I kept all my film gear and would love to develop films myself sometime, but here I am asking advise on my future digital camera. Which is ideally would be compact and versatile as Oly OMs, with similar "knobs and dials" ergonomics. Budget is ~700$ for body and lens, used. I did look on Oly OM digital and it didn't inspire me. I have a feeling that fujifilm would be it.
So I am choosing between X-T1 with 23mm f2, X-Pro1 with 23mm f2 or X100T. I know differences by specs, I am more interested in your opinion and advise on ergonomics and speed.
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I had an x-t1 and kit lens, loved it, really loved it, lens and sensor both amazing. Didn't get an x-pro1 as it was a tiny bit older and has a couple of less features. Sold the x-t1 to get a x100t as I wanted the sensor with what should be a better lens on the x100 v the kit lens on the x-t1. Hated it. The main hate was the autofocus on the x100t, if you don't need fast autofocus and like 35mm view then that is the one to get. I've now got a x-e2. Great balance of size, price, same sensor, can swap lenses.

If you are going to get just a 23mm lens on the two interchangeable bodies then I would just get the x100t. Amazing camera.
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I have a X-T1 and X-T10 with the 23mm f2 (among others haha), I prefer the X-T1 for speed, viewfinder etc but kinda wish that I had the X-E2 instead as the design is sleeker and would be easier in and out of my bag, plus I hardly use any of the dials on the X-T1.


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Was it x100 (not x100t) that you replaced X-T1 with? Then I understand love/hate relationship, x100 is considered slow. My understanding is that newer x100t should be head and shoulders above old x100 in speed department.
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If you are looking at the x100t then take a look at the x100f... I have the 't' and like it but would prefer the 'f' because of the ISO dial (with the 't' it's a menu item). The 't' has a bit of barrel distortion but for me it's not a deal breaker... I enjoying using a fixed lens camera and shooting in-camera JPGs...
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X100T it was. I tried a load of different settings but could never get it to focus on anything moving fast. The reason I sold it (for a sony A6000) was my 2 year old daughter was jumping on the bed, I took about 15 shots on medium continuous and all missed. I got a better shot with my phone. The x-t1 I never had a problem with, amazing camera as soon as you get used to the way the buttons all work.

All the cameras you have said have the same sensor and 2 will have the same lens. All three are very good. I would get a x100t over the x-pro1. The question is would you need the bigger x-t1 and the ability to change lenses over the x100t fixed lens. Do you want a centre evf? Do you want the bigger grip? An adapter for your OM lenses is also an option, the x-t1 has a dedicated focus button for helping focus.

I have gone through all of the above and have an x-e2 with 18-55 (amazing lens and I hate kit lenses as a rule) and a 35 1.4 as I like the 50mm fov. The x-e2 has the balance of price, size, interchangeable lenses, speed. I don't adapt any glass on it as the fuji lenses are great. I like the look of the 16mp sensor so not interested in upgrading.

What are you planning to shoot? The x-t1 and new 23mm is weather shield as well if you are sea fishing.
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joe bosak
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I guess the right answer is that it depends on yiur intended usage. If you would be happy with the fixed lens (with a wacl and/or tcl as needed) then the x100t is a great choice. It has a leaf shutter and nd filter built-in.

The xpro1 has the original x trans sensor, the x100t and xt1 use x trans ii. The later cameras have more and different film simulations, but the defaults on the xpro1 remind me more of film that the others, for what that's worth.

Presumably you arent intending to use legacy lenses, or you would not be suggesting the x100t. I don't find the xpro1 evf especially good for manual focusing, so the xt1 might be better in that regard.
If you are intending to add longer focal lengths the i suspect the better evf of the xt1 would make that the better choice.

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This is from a personal viewpoint, not anything objective.

I own the X-Pro1, X-T1 and X100S. All very different cameras. All very good. I don't intend to get rid of any of them.

Do you like EVFs? I never did. Until I got an the X-T1. It's the best I've ever used...certainly one of the nicest around, big and bright and sharp as a tack. It handles quickly, feels small (it's actually smaller than the X-Pro models) and produces excellent files. The X-T1 also is shaped more like an SLR, so if you like that design in a camera, X-T1 it is.

Do you like a fixed lens camera with a separate viewfinder? I never thought I would. Then I got the X100S (interchange X100, X100T, X100F for the "S", they're all pretty much the same external design). It's a joy to use. It's a little smaller than a film Leica M but handles almost the same. The OVF is sweet and the whole thing whispers "simplicity". Of course, it also has an EVF you can switch on or off as needed, like when you need to determine the relationship between close to far subjects. And the files are beautiful. If that appeals to you, the X100/S/T/F it is.

Do you like an interchangeable lens camera with a separate viewfinder? Sorta like rangefinders but rangefinderless? I do. I loved shooting with my film Leicas but I needed AF (poor vision, getting worse) and I wanted digital (but digital Leicas are out of the budget by miles). The X-Pro1 was my first Fuji and I fell in love with the camera and the Fuji concept of camera design. While the X-Pro1 is a little old, don't discount it. It's still a valid design. With firmware updates and using the newer lens designs (like the 23/2 and 35/2), the AF is pretty fast, pretty sensitive and very accurate. It's no sports camera, it's for the photo artist who thinks before making the photo. And, of course, the files you get from it are superb. But the EVF is pretty awful (with my vision, I can't use mine) so I consider it an OVF camera only. Overall, the X-Pro1 is still my favorite Fuji. In my hands, it feels "righter" than anything else. I own two bodies that I use with the 23/2 and 35/2. A lot. If all that appeals to you (and you can accept the limitations), the X-Pro1 it is.

Hope that helps a little.
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Out to Lunch
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The X-T1 with a 23mm lens won't disappoint. I am also using the X-T1 with an M mount adapter which works well.
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If you choose between X-T1, X-Pro1, and X100T I would go with X-T1. The newer bodies have much better AF. Also that has the best EVF. If faster AF isn't important then either the other two would be fine.

I have the X-E2s, a very good deal now, and the X-E3.... both highly recommended. The F2 primes at 18, 23, 35, and 50 all make great kits with these bodies, but the kit zoom 18-55 is a gem for a kit zoom and a one lens kit.

I shoot with µ4/3 and Sony a7 too but Fuji is my favorite. The lack of an AA filter makes for very sharp and detailed images. Sony a7 is my favorite for use with rangefinder and legacy lenses.
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I have shot with all of the OPs camera selection and eventually settled on the X-T1 and X-E2 duet. I have also shot with the OM for 6 weeks or so after I trashed my cameras at White Sands (a whole other story).

Except for the fact that there's no OVF, I'd have to say that the X-T1 (and the X-T2) is the closest to the OM in look and feel. And I love the 23mm f/2. It's silent and very fast to focus. Once you set the camera up to your liking just about everything can happen without delving into the menus. You've got your three main control points (aperture, shutter & ISO) accessible via dials or rings which allows you to pretty much override the Auto settings quickly. Yes it does have some quirks but they're not onerous. (one suggestion Sugru; Google it)

I loved the electronic display overlay on the OVF but I did not have a good experience with the X-Pro1. When subjects were moving I had many misses. It was very frustrating. It appears that they have fixed many of my complaints with the new focusing system in the X-Pro2. Nice camera as long as you're not going to shoot with anything very long (about 90mm).

I had one of the very first X100 cameras in North America. Had a X100s for while and found it to be quite an improvement over the X100. My only experience with the X100F is at the demo/release event. Nice camera with a vastly superior focusing system. But I'm a interchangeable lens kind of guy. Eventually having made peace with the fact that I wasn't going to get a OVF to meet my needs and that the EVFs have gotten very good, I replaced the X100s with an X-E2. Though the X-E2s dials and menus are a bit different then the X-T1 they are close enough so moving from one to the other is smooth. This means I can have a two body setup at times.

One last item - since you still have your OM gear you can always purchase some OM-to-FujiX adapters and mount those OM lenses to either the X-T1 or the X-Pro1. You'll need to manually focus but both Fuji bodies provide a way to do so (focus peaking, split image, etc).

Hope this is helpful.
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As usual rff folks are very helpfull, thank you for prompt replies.
My intended use for this camera is street, portraits, travel photography. For daily use I would get fujifilm 23mm and/or 35mm f2. Of all OM lenses that I own I 'd love to adopt 50mm f2 macro, it's a special portrait lens for me, with very 'cronish look.
I never used EVF but got used to OM1 with 2 series screen if it says something about finder quality I am after.
It's tough choice for me, and I am inclined to get X-T1.
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Originally Posted by Igor.Burshteyn View Post
"So I am choosing between X-T1 with 23mm f2, X-Pro1 with 23mm f2 or X100T. I know differences by specs, I am more intersected in your opinion and advise on ergonomics and speed."
I owned a X-T1 and now own the X-Pro 2 and X00T. I use the X-Pro 2 for planned projects with the 14, 18, 23/2, 27, and 35/2 XF lenses. I use the X100T as my daily carry. I always use raw files.
  • The X-Pro 2 is the quickest.
  • The X-Pro 2 uses has a dual conversion-gain sensor. The analog dynamic range and low-light signal-to-noise ratio is better than with the X-T1 or X100T. The X-Pro 2 raw files are more versatile.
  • I prefer the rendering of the X-Pro 2 sensor. I don't use JPEGS, so I can't comment on those differences.
  • The X-T1 is easier to learn because there is only one finder system to master, the EVF
  • The OVF lets you use the X-Pro 2 and the X100T as you would use an analog, optical RF. The electronic rangefinder implementation of the X-Pro 2 is a bit better than the X100T's.
  • The X-T1's articulating LCD screen makes it possible to use it as one would use a waist-level finder film camera. This can be very useful for tripod work. The LCD mechanism is robust.
  • In my experience AF performance is best for the X-Pro 2; next best for the X100T.
  • With the newest Fujinon XF lenses, fly-by-wire MF with the X-Pro 2 using the lens barrel ring is fast, smooth and practical. The X100T is almost as good and X-T1 is least enjoyable.
  • The X-Pro 2 changes the focus region using a short joy stick. This is quicker than the four-pad method of the other two cameras
  • The X100T is much lighter. But the controls are more cramped.
  • I prefer the X-Pro 2 ergonomics over the X-T1's.
  • The X-Pro 2 menu system is easier to navigate and more customizable than the other two cameras'.
The 23mm lenses are quite different. Overall, I prefer The XF 23/2 rendering. However the X100T lens is also very good. The X100T (and S I think) have less inherent flare artifacts than the original X100 lens. The X100T lens is similar to having two lenses. Below f 4 the rendering is a bit different compared to narrower apertures. The X100T lens was not designed/intended for close up work at f 4 and below. I find the XF 23/2 to be an excellent close up lens. The X100's micro-lens array uses different lenses as from the center to the frame edge. This means same amount of light reaches the all the photo-diode detectors. Automatic post-production corrections are not required (although there is a lens correction set in LR).

Some of these differences depend directly on the CPU speed differences and these are more subtle than others.

I used the X-T1 for interior photography gigs and was very pleased.

Now I use the X-Pro 2 for personal projects as I used my Zeiss Ikon M and Canonet G-III 17. I very much enjoy using the OVF.
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It is funny, but the X-Pro2 and X100F are the only cameras that truly interest me these days and make photography very fun. I never get bored of these cameras and anytime something new comes out, I never care to replace them.
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