Fuji XPRO2 sensor cleaning
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Fuji XPRO2 sensor cleaning

I've got what appears to be an oil spot on my sensor. I could send it to Fuji or my local camera repair, both cost money and time. Maybe time to do this myself? What are your favorite methods and products (and warnings)?
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I use liquid and swaps from Photographic solutions (Photosol.com). I'm sure there
are other choices. but I like their's the best and don't forget to use a bubble blower first!
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Originally Posted by Range-rover View Post
I use liquid and swaps from Photographic solutions (Photosol.com). I'm sure there
are other choices. but I like their's the best and don't forget to use a bubble blower first!
Same procedure here, different product. First blow out the body, the I use wet swabs from VisibleDust.

A really cool product is also this one: Sensor Film. I tried this once on my Leica, because I got a sample of sensor film from a photographer-friend, who uses it for years. Really cool stuff. The sensor is like new afterwards. Only problem is that the shutter must staoy open for a long time (Leica closes the shutter, if the battery runs out), but for the X-Pro2, this shutter stays open by default.
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As mentioned above, it's most important to blow out dust particles beforehand.

I also use Visible Dust, and for emergencies I keep the kit below in my travel bag:


For your X-Pro2 sensor you need to purchase the 1.6x swab size (16mm).

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This is the first report I have read about an oil spot on an X-Series camera.

An oil spot requires wet cleaning. As mentioned above, proper technique must be used.

If you have great eye-hand coordination, work patiently and carefully, and have a proper cleaning kit, you can do this yourself. Otherwise use a reputable camera shop.

In my case the only practical option is finding a good technician. I had my Nikon sensors cleaned every six months. I have never seen sensor debris I could not remove with a Goto Rocket on the X-Pro 1 or two X-T1 bodies.
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Visible Dust is good, but use it as last resort if other options fail: self cleaning (mode in cameras) and dust blower.

setting aperture to f32 easily reveals dust, when focus is locked and camera pointed to bright sky. no need even to take the shot, good EVF can reveal it.
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