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Originally Posted by tunalegs View Post
Because I'm tired of old farts talking about Kodachrome.

"Do you remember the Model T Ford? That was a REAL car. Too bad Ford stopped making those. Nothing drove like a Model T Ford. Only real drivers appreciated the Model T ford. So Ford introduced new models for 2017? They should bring back the Model T! The Model T is was what everybody really wants to drive! No other car can compare to a Model T. Too bad the government outlawed the chemicals used in making Model T Fords. Too much regulation in the auto industry. Why can't Ford just make the car everybody wants? The Model T Ford!"

It's not the company or the product, it's that ever since Kodak discontinued Kodachrome, because nobody was buying the stuff, there has been a group of people who won't stop talking about how it was the greatest thing on earth, and how Kodak needs to bring it back, even though nobody was buying the stuff.

I miss Plus-X too, but eventually I shut up about it being dead. It's dead. Get over it and move on. And even then, bringing back plus-X would still make far more sense than bringing back Kodachrome, which was essentially dead in the water years before they finally axed it.

Now could they make an E-6 film that mimics Kodachrome and call it Kodachrome? Possibly. But then I'm sure we'd hear old farts complaining about that too.
That's pretty funny considering that you've made a number of posts on the subject.

Well Kodak themselves have brought Kodachrome back into discussion. If I want to talk about it, I will whether you're tired of it or not.

What I still don't follow is how it affects you. You're tired of people discussing it? That's fine. Go find another conversation about another type of film, then, because you actually don't have to listen to this one, if it tires you so much. But that would remove the opportunity for you to complain about it, wouldn't it.

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Originally Posted by brennanphotoguy View Post
FP4 is really nice. I haven't used it in a really long time since I don't have a need for slow films currently but when I need it again I'll definitely have to grab some.
It is great, but like you I don't have a lot of light especially at this time of year. I have some expired 120 around here somewhere...
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