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Half Frames / Subminiatures This forum is for all half frame 35mm cameras, including the very popular Olympus Pens and their SLR cousins, the Pen F and Pen FT, as well as all smaller than half frame subminiature film cameras.

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Pen F Adapter Question
Old 03-04-2008   #1
semper ubi sub ubi
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Pen F Adapter Question

Good Morning!

I have a Pen F with the 38mm lens. The dedicated lenses are pricey, and I'm thinking about getting an adapter. I've seen adapters for LTM, Nikon F, Nikon N (what is this?), Olympus OM, Exacta & M42.

My lens collection includes some LTMs, Nikons & OMs. Which would be the best for use on the Pen F? The LTMs are the smallest, but maybe the OMs are better suited? Early Nikon Fs perhaps just too big? Since there's no meter, that's not an issue, right?

Many adverts for the Pen accesories say "lens/adapter for Pen FT" - are these fully compatible with the Pen F?

I've looked around the web but haven't found any detailed discussion.

I'll be offline most of today but I trust that someone around here has some insight into this.


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Old 03-04-2008   #2
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Your best bet are the Nikon F and Olympus OM adapters. I have OM, Contax, and Pentax M42 They work great. The Leica LTM will not focus to infinity on the Pen. Those lenses will be best for close-up work due to the different flange distance. Metering is not a problem.

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Old 03-04-2008   #3
Film dino
David Chong
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Good evening from SE Asia
"Many adverts for the Pen accesorries say "lens/adapter for Pen FT" - are these fully compatible with the Pen F?"

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Old 03-04-2008   #4
Eugene Zaikonnikov
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Not to hijack the thread, but there's one thing I wondered about. Can Pen F bayonet be replaced with M39 so that screwmount lenses retain focusing?

Can someone with Pen F(T) and a screwmount lens at hand have a look at it size-wise? Will there be enough room for RF cam pushed out at infinity?

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Old 03-04-2008   #5
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Hi Eugene, registration length of Oly Pen F lenses is very close to Leica LTM (28,95mm compared to 28,8), but LTM lenses intrude about 5-6mm at infinity into the lens opening whereas Oly Pen F lenses intrudes just 3mm. There isn't enough place in the lens opening (mirror clearance) so changing the lens mount to a LTM will not make sense.
So you can use the LTM adapter for macro works, except with some collabsible lenses which in a half-collapsed state may focus to infinity (Elmar, Summar etc.).

AFAIK NONE of the PEN-F adaptors has auto-diaphragm operation. Stop down metering only.

have fun, Frank

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there is an adapter Contax-Pen FT
Old 07-17-2008   #6
Tilman Schwertner
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there is an adapter Contax-Pen FT

... unfortunally a adapter Pen FT - M42 had to die ;o)
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