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Leica Screw Mount Copies Classic Leica Copy forum as listed in the book 300 Leica Copies, including but not limited to Nicca, Leotax, Honor, Canon etc. At one time there was a major part of the camera industry just trying to make a lower cost copy/dirivitive of the original Leica.

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LTM Adapter Question
Old 03-23-2007   #1
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LTM Adapter Question

I bought an original Leica Thread Mount adapter for the first time. The size is 28-50mm. I think my framelines arenít working properly so I canít answer this question for myself. I have a 35mm screw mount lens. When I use the adapter, should I see the 35mm frameline or does this adapter only bring up the 28 & 50mm framelines?
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That particular adapter will only bring up the 28/50 framelines. You have the wrong LTM adapter. 50/90 is what you need. What M body are you using?

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A 28/50 adaptor will bring up those framelines only. It is irrelevant what lens you screw into the adaptor.

Is your text in black on a dark grey background or is something wrong with my pc?
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The 28-50 adapter is an older adapter made for the M3. It will bring up 50mm framelines (only) on the M2, M3, M4, and 50/75 on newer M bodies.

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Thanks guys. After ordering online at KEH I had doubts so I wrote to them and asked if the adapter would work on my M6. One of the sales guys replied "it should work" so I didn't cancel or change the order. I should have asked here first!
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Very confused
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Originally Posted by ferider
The 28-50 adapter is an older adapter made for the M3. It will bring up 50mm framelines (only) on the M2, M3, M4, and 50/75 on newer M bodies.
This older adapter must therefore be similar to the current 50/75 adapters. What you need for a 35mm lens is the 35/135 adapter.
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Roland is right- the 28-50 will bring up the 50mm (and 75mm) frame lines in M2-M7 cameras. The frame lines are paired in one of three positions: 28/90, 35/135, and 50/75. If you have a 35mm lens and want to see the appropriate frame lines in a M2/M4/M5/M6 or M7 (or M8...) You will need a 35/135 adapter. M-mount lenses and LTM-M adapters have a tab of metal on the side which actuate the frame line mechanism in the left side of the mount. If you remove the lens from your M body, push the frame line selector lever, and look in the camera, you will see the thing moving. This needs to be in the right position to call up the correct frame line; this is part of the M mount, and requires the right adapter.

The old 28/50 adapters made for the M3 will work on any M camera as a 50/75 adapter, but this is still the wrong one for your 35mm lens. The salesman was right- it will work, and the lens should focus correctly (if it doesn't, it shouldn't have anything to do with the adapter), but it won't call up the right frame liens for the lens. I'd suggest you keep it and use it with other lenses in the future, and get a 35/135 for your 35mm lens. Good luck!
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Joe Mondello
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I think the OP probably thought that the adapter was for lenses BETWEEN 28 and 50 mm (his 35) which seems a perfectly reasonable assumption!

But the adapter numbering refers to which frame lines will come up, not the FL of the lens to be adapted, as you have already found out!

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