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Sony NEX APS-C format For the many Sony fixed lens digital compact cameras

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Originally Posted by Peter Wijninga View Post
Very interesting but without a viewfinder neither the RX100, nor the RX1 will do, for me.
x2. Many take great pix using LV, but I am very uncomfortable framing quickly or accurately off the back. Glare and lack of detail in bright light make it very difficult for me. I basically set the camera @ its widest, then trim and level the results in post.

The RX1 has a shoe and I'd slip a SBLOO on.

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Re lens ring -- I finally settled on using it for zoom. I find the zoom lever around the shutter is difficult to set precisely, whereas the lens ring has a much 'slower' action. Now I typically zoom with the zoom lever to get in the ballpark, then use the lens ring to fine tune.

Works for me...
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I just sold my T3 and am very tempted to replace it with the rx100. very very tempted
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An alternative?
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An alternative?

I bought a Flipbac G2 camera grip for my new RX100.

I was a bit disappointed when it arrived.

Placed on the camera there wasn't enough distance between my fingers and the lens barrel. The grip was just too wide.

So taking a sharp craft tool blade I removed an amount on the outer edge to leave a 13mm wide grip. Out came some coarse grit paper to round off the outer cut edge, and then a fine paper to finish off.

Not the most elegant of solutions but it works for me.

P1040404 by jesse1dog, on Flickr

A pity I didn't get the grip on quite straight!

For information only, the Flipbac grip costs $9.99 plus $2.99.

John Cordingley

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looks good and the price is certaining appealing.
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Manual focus on rx100 vs scn mode for fireworks vs trusty x100
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Manual focus on rx100 vs scn mode for fireworks vs trusty x100

Last Sunday night I had both my x100 and rx100 on vacation and had an opportunity to shoot some fireworks that night.

- first I tried rx100 with their special scene mode for fireworks.. Only 30-40 percent shots look good at all.. A lot of motion blur and it takes a while for it to process each shot.. I suspect it is doing multiple composite.

- manual focus and manual exposure. Bad no way to set straight to infinity that I can figure out. Need to find an object at a distance to focus on. In the dark very hard and time consuming. Manual exposure was no problem... Autofocus with manual exposure forget it.

- Fuji x100 with manual exposure and focus nailed it dead on. Just used distance scale at bottom of viewfinder and set focus to infinity. Remembered the exposure info from the rx100.. Got every shot..

So is there a way on the rx100 to set infinity... Outside of fireworks special scene mode and manual focus to something at right distance?

Btw focus peaking automatically does a magnification of center area... In full manual mode but allows for no mag in DMF mode. I would have like the option to Mag in both cases the way the gxr or Nex does it.


Ps I forgot to mention that I have mag on set in the submenu.. I would have preferred not to go down into submenu to turn this on/off.

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Count another RX100 user. Should arrive in a few days.
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The RX100 is an extremely good camera in my opinion ... I bought one and instantly sold my fuji x100.

Some Rx100 shots of my little girl - various pp applied

Connie on a mischievous day by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

Through the window by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

Rock by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

ill get lunch dad by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

Ive posted my ongoing thoughts here http://www.realphotographersforum.co...x100-user.html (am I allowed to link to my website? sorry if im not ...)

Ill post the highlights here ...

Right then ... this is cool!!


result - average

rx100 without bouce by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

bounce flash

result - superb!

Rx100 bounce by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

That, is without doubt one of the best things I have discovered about any camera ever!
A shame it doesnt clip back somehow... Still its not hard to hold with your finger!
the discovery that 6400iso photos can come out very well (page six)

Be it advances in cameras, software, both ... not sure, one way or another I can now get usable 6400iso photos out of a digital camera I can fit in my pocket

here is a demo

Original shot
Taken using shutter priority -1/80th the auto iso selected the highest available 6400iso, and the aperture to the widest 1.8 producing a slightly underexposed image

Getting a decent 6400 iso shot out of the sony rx100 by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

here is a crop with lightrooms standard "25" colour nr to the raw file

Getting a decent 6400 iso shot out of the sony rx100 by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

this is with the colour nr and +0.8 of a stop to get the exposure right

Getting a decent 6400 iso shot out of the sony rx100 by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

just to show what LR's colour NR does ... take away that standard colour nr and we are all sorts of trouble

Getting a decent 6400 iso shot out of the sony rx100 by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

bit of luminance NR

Getting a decent 6400 iso shot out of the sony rx100 by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

Convert to b&w and tweak

Getting a decent 6400 iso shot out of the sony rx100 by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

Final image

Getting a decent 6400 iso shot out of the sony rx100 by Hamish_Gill, on Flickr

that would print to a reasonable size and id be more than happy with it!

- - - Updated - - -

... you could even add a bit of grain to disguise the noise a bit more ... but it seems its only the jpeg compression that makes it as bad as it is the above demos look better in lr
I also did a little write up on the Richard Franiec grip with really is a no brainer!!

Hope all that is useful to folks here ...

I really, seriously can not recommend this camera enough, for a compact, it is nothing short of a superb in my books ... my only bugbear is how long we have had to wait for digital compacts to get this good!
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