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GPS Data Logger and Aperture 3 Questions
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GPS Data Logger and Aperture 3 Questions

I've not seen a recent thread regarding this topic.

I'm looking for a stand alone GPS data logger that allows for frequent samples and at least twelve hours with one set of batteries, or one charge. Looking for good accuracy and useful in urban environments. I understand that some loggers also convey direction (compass function), which would require some form of hotshoe mount. I don't know if direction information is imported into Aperture. I shoot RAW only and would like a simple data transfer to Aperture 3 for use with my RAW files and without the use of some intermediate file format conversion format. Aperture instructions are a bit confusing and I was unable to determine which file formats Aperture will accept.

So, any information on the above topics would be useful.
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I use a Holux M-241. It's nice and small, I get 12-15 hours on an AA Eneloop and it charges over USB when connected. The display is a a nice add-on to be able to photograph the GPS clock for knowing the precise time offset. And knowing your approximate speed or height above ground can be useful, too.

I don't use the original Holux software. Instead I use BT747 to download the data from the logger, it will automatically download them in whatever format is most convenient for you for importing. BT747 also allows you to set extra configuration options that are not accessible form the logger's built-in menu, such as logging once per second.
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Many Nikons have input for GPS logging - not sure about the RAW , but I have an attached GPS dongle that tags the location and is in the EFIX data
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tried some iPhone apps like Cyclemeter for this purpose, over a year ago. Those were dedicated for some specific purpose and not meant for GPS-tagging photos. Its possible, but requires tinkering and results vary. + battery life becomes a problem, though dont know how iPad might do. ++if you receive a phone call or need some other app, it was too much hassle.
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I'm avoiding cell apps due to battery concerns.

Has anyone used the Garmin Forerunner watch series? It seems like an easy/useful device, but I don't know if the data is easily imported into Aperture.
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During a recent four-week trip, I used an Amod AGL-3080. It would run for about two days (from 8 a.m. to about 8 p.m.) on a set of AAA batteries. It logged the entire trip to its internal memory at the second most frequent setting, which was nice because I didn't take a computer along.

This device is pretty easy on batteries. I charged the AAA batteries in the device via USB and a portable backup charger.

Back home, I used the freeware Geosetter to sync the location information to my photos (M9 DNG files and X100 RAF files) painlessly.

Reviews of the Amod AGL-3080 can be found here and here. My workflow is very similar to what's described here.

Apologies that this doesn't cover Aperture and that some of the software (Geosetter) is Windows only, but the device itself is Mac friendly and data are plain text log files, so finding a platform-specific solution shouldn't be a problem.
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