Considering a GRD - what are my options?
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Considering a GRD - what are my options?

I am considering buying a better p&s and has almost decided on a GRD IV or maybe a second hand III. But I would like to know that I am not missing any options.
Intended usage is first snapshots of the kids secondly something to bring along on activities like skiing, cycling, sailing. This to me means it has to have fast AF, be truly pocketable and have a very good LCD alternatively OVF/EVF. I have read a lot of good things about the GRD and I understand the IV has improved AF and LCD. Though 28mm seems a bit wide I think it will be good for catching the kids in action.
But I am sure there are a lot of other good options out there.

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The Ricoh GRD Line of P&S camera are Top Notch. If I had to pick between the two, I'd go IV, but the III will save a little $$$. The GRD IV with IS would be nice in low light, especially with something so light. The SNAPSHOT function is pretty neat and the ability to turn all the lights/lcd off is great for discreet photo ops. I had the GRD III, but returned it as I really wanted a GR1. From what I have read the 28mm Ricoh VF or any for that matter is okay, as framing was a bit off. Im sure like any VF topped camera, "you" have to get use to the spacing/capture.

One P&S I do miss from the few I have had is the Olympus XZ-1. A great camera, with bright lens wide: f/1.8, Telephoto f/2.5, but man is it sharp.
The Dual-IS, what ever it may be, is Very Nice as well. The ability to use a EVF VF2/VF3 is pretty neat too. I had a VF3 mounted and it did help with framing in the bright afternoon sun. The LCD was pretty hard to make out with reflections/sunshine.
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The GRD is my default camera when leaving the house. I've usually got 3 small children with me, so I can't take anything large (D3), finicky (x100) or slow (GXR M-mount)...I can then snap away and enjoy the grain!

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I recently bought a 2nd hand copy of the original GRD. The RAW write time is on the long side (7-9 secs.), but the jpegs are good enough to use as they are. B&W at ISO 800 with no problems. And the Ricoh lenses are very, very good. At ISO 64 the files are virtually noiseless.

The later models have the square image mode, which I liked very much when I had my GX100, which is also a good option if you want a 24-70mm equivalent zoom.
Here's one at ISO 400:

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