black paint types
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black paint types

have read that the black paint on m6ttl lhsa and millennium are shinier than one on the mp, and the paint of special mp such as mp3, mp6 are between m6ttl and mp.

whoever has them please tell the differences.

...and how about black paint on m3/2/4 and digital m?
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My MP is glossy, not sure what the difference in glossiness is, glossier?

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My MP is as glossy as any other black paint Leica I have seen. I don't know if they have changed the formula recently. With the M9 for instance it isn't 'paint' as we have known it in the past, but a powder coating process, and that is satin black (until it has polished up with use).

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As Steve says in his post 'until it has polished up with use'. When you see original M2,3 and 4 cameras in BP, the finish on mint condition ones is actually a lot more matt than people expect to see. My MP is quite a glossy finish and more so than an original m2/3 that I've seen. The LHSA ttl's seemed to have a very glossy finish from new.
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The original M2/M3?m4 paint was a semi-matte finish. It would "polish" up around user points - and also "blister" a bit in a reaction to oil/moisture from the hands.
The paint on the later M's (M6 LHSA/M6 Millennium and MP) was changed. Environmental concerns and laws prohibited the use of paint with slightly toxic "degassing" properties. The black paint on the later M's are a water based paint - less toxic fumes than the old style that used a different solvent.
The "thickness" of the paint on the LHSA and Millennium was changed. The initial batch brassed very quickly and the pant was later applied in a thicker layer.
The the M6 LHSA was concieved we had a discussion with Leica about the final finish. They claimed that black paint was not a good idea as it would show wear mark very quickly (brassing) and they were quite confounded when we said "Yes, that is exactly what we are looking for.
Initially, the first black paint "new" M was supposed to be the M6 LHSA with the Solms engraving. Leica promised to hold off releasing the Millennium until after the the LHSA version. They did jump the gun though and let the Millennium out before the LHSA.
All of these cameras do brass, both my LHSA 0.85 and my Millennium 0.58 shows it (strap marks, edges of the top-plate, advance lever etc). The MP seems to have a bit sturdier paint - but as it is one of my most used "metered" M's - it now has brassing and scratch marks all over! Not as much as Chris Weeks MP though - it rivals my old bl.p, M2's for wear marks.
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I have two LHSA TTL's, a .72 & a .85 and both have black paint Leicavit attached. The black paint on the Leicavits seems to match the bodies exactly and I'm quite pleased.

Wish I had the money for the black paint 50mm Asph. Right now my only 50 is the 3rd version of the Noct.
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