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Originally Posted by Filter Factor View Post

Have you considered other camera models besides the ones you have listed? I too would worry they may become money pits. Contax servicing is available throughout Europe but not inexpensively.

In your shoes I would consider the later screw-mount Canons, or the earlier Leica-clone Canons, or other LTM clones. Or perhaps even an SLR.... Is being a rangefinder a must-have? I use my F6 for street photography and it is a tremendous tool and a great bargain in today's market.

Cheers, Robert
Funnily enough I use an F4s at the moment. It's perfect for night - the heft/dampening of it means I can get away with shooting slower shutter speeds than I can on other SLRs, and the matrix meter never misses a beat.
However one of the plusses of the F4s - it's weight and size is also one of it's downsides.

Fancied using something a bit lighter, especially on longer days in daylight hours. I could just use another SLR (my sensible head is telling me to just use a Nikon FE/FM series), but fancied trying a rangefinder as I've not used one before.
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