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Originally Posted by Hibbs View Post
Nick...thanks for the heads up on the coloured 'R' on the rewind lever. Mine is green so the 1.4 50 is [likely] out of play. Is it just that 50 or are there other lenses that aren't compatible?

Peter...the 55 is indeed an early model. There is a switch on the side moving from A to M. I guess this doubles as the DOF preview.

The 135 is in absolute, pristine condition. When I removed it from the small leather case, it looked as though it had never seen the light of day. No fingerprints, scuffs...nothing!

Thank you all for your input. I will now keep an eye out for a wide angle, the 58 and perhaps an 85.

~ Hibbs
Hibbs hi..

It may be a little younger than you think. The A-M switch that you refer to is a later addition to these lenses. The type of switch I was referring to came earlier and looks like the chrome thing in the photo shown below. In this lens there was no A-M switch as there was no true A (automatic). Instead, the user manually rotated the switch clockwise each time a photo was being taken and that action opened the aperture to full maximum aperture. When the photo was being taken it "automatically" closed to the set aperture but did not open again till the user repeated the procedure described above. Optically though there is little difference between that type of lens and later ones (other than, as I said in my prior post, the coatings were upgraded from time to time culminating in Pentaxes famous SMC (super multi coated) lenses. You will find this lens a little low contrast perhaps, prone to flaring if the sun is forward of the camera due to the older coatings used, but essentially sharp and able to produce very nice images.)

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