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Originally Posted by nickthetasmaniac View Post
Very little difference between the Super S2 and the S3.

As Peter says, LTM - M42 doesn't work if you want infinity focus. However, there are a number of M42 - Leica M adapters on the market (I have one). However I think these are a new thing that has emerged since digital M's could take an external EVF.

Regarding a wide-angle, I'm going to contradict Peter and say the 28/f3.5 is slightly better regarded than the 35/f3.5 Regardless, both are very good and generally cheap. I have the 35/f2 but probably wouldn't recommend it, especially for the price.

A great longer lens is the 105/f2.8, which is generally pretty affordable.

SV, Super Takumar 28/f3.5 and Portra400
I would not cavil at what you say, Nick. I have always been uncertain about the 28mm because while I own one and am not inclined to sell it, I seldom use it so have never really formed anything other than a superficial opinion on it. (28mm is not my preferred focal length - my possession of a copy of this lens comes from my early days in photography when it was my heart-felt desire to own an example of every Pentax M42 lens ever made Now that I am much more mature I merely want to own an example of every lens that has ever been made in the history of the universe ). Perhaps I based my somewhat shallow assessment of the lens on the basis that the 35mm user opinions and reviews I have seen tend to rave about it (possibly with a shock horror I never expected this tone) while the 28mm user opinions and reviews seemed somehow less enthused. Or perhaps there are just more 35mm reviews because it is more widely owned.

I could not agree more strongly about the 105mm f2.8. It is often overlooked by comparison with 105mm lenses made by Nikon etc but in my experience it is pretty much as good producing images that are both sharp and "rounded" in that lovely manner which Sonnar designs have.
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