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Originally Posted by Hibbs View Post
Thanks Bill, Peter and nickthetasmaniac. I have no plans to sell. Just happy to breath some life back into this rig.

I managed to find an S3 manual over at Butkus. Towards the end there is mention of a LTM adapter. Are these difficult to find? I have several lenses for the Canon P and wondered about using them on the Pentax.

If were to add another wide angle Tak, what would be one to look out for? I recall reading in the MX thread about a particular wide that is highly sought after. 28 3.5?

~ Hibbs
Leica mount cameras (including M39 cameras such as Canon rangefinder) have a shorter flange distance (the thickness of the camera body / distance from the back of the lens to the film plane). This means those lenses cannot focus to infinity even if they are adapted and mounted on the Pentax. Unless you find a lens adapter with a built in lens to correct for the above and provide infinity focus. I was not aware that Pentax made such an adapter back in the day but they are possibly still available from third party makers and sold on eBay today. Such adapters with lenses can degrade optical performance, however unless they are well designed and corrected.

Alternatively if you are interested in macro work such Leica Thread Mount / M39 lenses when mounted on an SLR camera (because of an SLR's mirror box they must be "fatter" than rangefinder cameras) may focus OK to close distances and therefore work as a kind of macro lens. For this purpose you can get a cheap (and I mean almost for pennies) simple adapter ring from M39 to M42). See below.

As to wide angle Takumars the 35mm f3.5 is universally well rated readily available and quite cheap to buy. The 28mm f3.5 has a good reputation too though perhaps not quite so strongly positive as the 35mm. The 35mm f2 is also available but I would suggest sticking to the 35mm f3.5 version due to cost and image quality considerations. (I find my 35mm f2 a bit low contrast and softish wide open).
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