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Originally Posted by Rollmo View Post
I am much more of an Olympus guy but would appreciate any comments Pentaxians may have regarding this camera and lenses. Is the 55mm f1.8 a standout? What is the light meter worth?
Pentax Forums is a great resource for all things Pentax. Here are the pages for the S2 (and 'Super S2', which is probably the one you have) and 55/f1.8:

Generally speaking the S2 is a lovely camera. I have a pair of SV's (very similar) and personally I think they're a smoother experience than the later Spotmatics. The un-ratcheted film advance is up there with my M2 for feel.

Something to watch out for - check the colour of the 'R' on the rewind lever. Is it green or red? Bodies with a red 'R' are compatible with the Super Takumar 50/f1.4 8-element, which has a protruding rear element. Bodies with a green 'R' are not (although there's accounts of some that work fine).

The 55/f1.8 is an affordable and tiny gem. As Peter points out, there's a reason Pentax used the 55/f1.8 with unchanged optics right through to the start of the K mount, and then used an almost identical 6/5 optical design for the highly regarded 50/f1.7, which continued right up to the FA series (which was only discontinued in 2004).

Unfortunately, you're out of luck when it comes to 'worth'. The only M42 stuff that holds significant value are the rarities (like the 50/f1.4 8-element mentioned above). I would expect to find the whole kit you picked up, including lenses and accessories, for ~$50 in the local classifieds. Use it and enjoy it, but don't expect to re-sell it for much.

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