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Rollmo / Hibbs.

It was a bargain. Take it and be happy. I have found with this era of Pentax cameras though, that the slower shutter speeds can become sluggish with time and sometimes the mirror may lock up (when it should not). Both can be fixed with relative ease by a competent technician ( matter of cleaning and lubing) or even just by using the camera and giving it some exercise. Even if these things are happening it is worth more than what you paid. What's more the lens alone would be worth more than $10 unless in absolutely trashed condition. The 55mm f1.8 is a gem in all its iterations (When a lens continues for years with not much more than cosmetic changes through different iterations you know its basic design is sound. This lens is one like that). These Takumar lenses are also excellently built quite apart from the optics.
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