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I have had both the M6 and the M5; I still own a M5. Why? I admire the build quality of my M5. I use it regularly with a summicron 50mm; for it is my favourite and most functional lens. If you have large to medium size hands, the M5 will fit snugly and safely into your grip; this is the ergonomic reason for getting the M5. My M5 is an earlier one by s/n, but I have had no problems with it at all. I would be sure, however, that the shutter and viewfinder are in good shape BEFORE you hand over any money. The wein battery is easily acquired and works well. I recommend the M5 highly. Without a doubt I recommend it over a M6, which, for me never had the manly toughness and snug presence in my hands. Get that M5 and cherish it!
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