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I'd like to add to this M5 lovefest.
I also have two and they are the easiest M to use for street shooting because everything is seen in the viewfinder, meter (which I like; I also have have non-metered M's) and shutter speed. Its also great to be able to rotate that big ole shutter speed dial while looking through the finder.
I also like the oversize body because there is more to grip on to. It doesn't look like a Leica, so people don't notice it as much. They just see a big black brick. The ratched re-wind crank on the bottom plate is a work of art.
I've also been following that M5 28 lens thread, since I recently got a Zeiss 28 and have been using the whole finder with great results.
Heck, I may just have to get me another one of them m5's..
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