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Originally Posted by Steve M. View Post
I bought a little Nikon FG SLR and need a lens for it. My usual route w/ the FG and EM's is to go w/ the early non AI H 50 2 lenses (which need to be ai'd for the later cameras), but the 50 1.8 pancake lenses are so much more compact.

Has anyone here used the 50 pancake lens? Normal Nikon bokeh can be a little nervous/edgy, while the H 50 lenses give buttery smooth backgrounds.
Steve: Here are some pix taken this morning so you can make your own judgment about things. I put three Nikon lenses on a D3/tripod and aimed them at a railing post devoid of artistic merit. The lenses were the 50/1.8 E lens (I assume this is the pancake lens you are talking about), a 1990's 50/1.4 AF lens and a 40/2.8 GN (which is actually a pancake lens).

Here's the 50/1.8 E lens wide open and then at f:5.6:


Here's the 1990's 50/1.4 AF at f:1.8 and then f:5.6:


and here's the 40 at those same apertures. I had to move the tripod back a bit as the 40 doesn't focus as close as the 50's.


As I said: devoid of any artistic merit. You can even see a shadow of yrs. truly hunching over the tripod.

Hope this gives you a sense of what that lens does with OOF areas when pointed at a busy background. Seems a little busy to me, but not too bad.
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