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Oh boy. I have a ton of grad I’ve accumulated over the years, a lot of if from family and friends getting rid of stuff.

Back in college studying photojournalism, I was big into primes, to the amusement of my colleagues that had a 28-79 and nothing else—in fact I did a lot of work with medium format, carrying probably three lenses and two backs around with me. I like primes over zooms, but my back doesn’t as I’ve approached my 30s.

I’ve cleared out 90% of my SLR gear but replaced it with RF. I can now carry two bodies and four lenses in the same space a single SLR and zoom would, and still often do. But honestly, I really do get by almost entirely with just a 35mm (or 80mm in 6x6). I carry everything else “just in case”—a it of a holdover from journalism days.

It’s still a far more compact kit than some of my colleagues carry. As in I’ve seen suitcases dedicated when traveling—and not for specific paid shoots.
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