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Originally Posted by retinax View Post
Well, the background in the picture above your post, by Petronius, looks odd to me. But that may be mostly due to the stripes and/or an unluck distance. I think that most lenses can deliver good-looking oof backgrounds and worse ones, depending on distance, background, lighting, aperture etc. and in the big picture it doesn't matter much, it hardly makes or breaks an image.
However if one has the choice between similar lenses, all sharp and affordable, it's a criterion as good as any.
Partially agree, partially disagree. "Bokeh" is an overblown "photographic internet" thing hyped up by the numerous photo sites, blogs etc. Nobody cared about this years ago -- maybe portrait photographers. If shooting hand-held candids and grab shots having nice "bokeh" has more to do with what's being thrown out of focus as the lens. Traditional primes have similar optical formulas. The bokeh will be the same.

And again, "creamy bokeh" has more to do with focal lengths (longer) and subject distance (closer).

To the OP -- if you want the 50 E, just get it. It will have the same bokeh as any other 50. If you like it, keep it. If you don't like it, sell it for probably around the same price you bought it. No loss save a little hassle if you resell. I never owned this particular lens but it has its little following. All 50's have their little following. Hardly ever heard of a bad one and they're all effectively the same lens.
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